Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Day...Welcome 2014!!

New Year's Day:  Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions.  Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.  ~Mark Twain

Happy New Year!! I hope this first day of 2014 finds you well and happy and excited to meet what comes this new year!!  We got up before dawn again this morning and headed to Gulfside City Park.  New Years brought us an extra low tide that was right at sun up.  When Hubby and I hit the beach, he decided to head to the right toward Island Beach Club and I decided to go with the tried and true and head toward Sundial!  I walked and walked and walked at a pretty good pace and wasn't finding anything!! It was very unusual!....So I just kept walking.  Meanwhile, Hubby had found a few nice fighting conchs and ran across this monster.....then he found our old digging spot!! 

It's not perfect, but it certainly is a monster!! I believe it is the biggest one I have seen!! 

A crab pot that my Dad used to love to dig!! I would not have guessed that it could still be found!! Apparently, after he found this he headed out to get me to bring me to it!! I continued walking and he got stopped several times by people who noticed the massive shell and he lost ground!! :) He finally caught me and by the time we walked all the way back to the crab pot it was deep in the water!! Guess my first New Year decision may have not been the best!! Oh well....there is always tomorrow and another low, low tide!!

Hubby found a tiny little sharks eye!
A tiny Sanibel Turret this always looks like an antique!!
I found a sharks eye too! 
The clouds finally parted and we had beautiful sunshine when we left, these Snowy Plovers were enjoying it!! They are so tiny, and so cute!!

I'm working at getting the shells cleaned up, this sand dollar took the bleach like no other I have found, I think it looks neat!!
...and this is phase one with the monster shell, he's currently bathing in a 50/50 solution! Will post pics when I finish him up!!
Happy 2014 Everyone!




  1. Tell me more about this crab pot - Is it huge? How does it stay and not drift away? Don't worry, I won't ask you where it is. LOL!

  2. Its probably 2-1/2 feet square, steel grate sides with a wooden top, it is sunken in the sand so that the top just barely shows above the is far enough off the beach (in the water) that it only shows during really low tides. shells pile up along all 4 sides,pen shells too...but look inside the pen shells. thee crab pots show up all over the place but pen shells will do the same thing they get tied up in each other and catch some pretty awesome shells. Oddly enough we get a lot of perfect paper figs in them!!

  3. Cheri, that little bird is adorable!

  4. Awesome finds! Happy New Year!