Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year, and a New Day with some old memories!

We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.  We are going to put words on them ourselves.  The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.  ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Forgive me, I just wanted to have a little fun....every time I see one of these pen shells, I think of what I love! I think God puts them here and there along our walks so that we think, and appreciate what we have.  Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that is just where my thought processes take me while getting my beach therapy.

We got to Gulfside park this morning at our usual time and knew pretty quickly that it was going to be a beautiful day! There were lots of stars and we saw very few clouds, it's been pretty cloudy everyday this trip.  We headed over to the crab pots where my Dad used to dig....before we got there, Hubby found another huge horse conch!! This one was a little bit too vintage for our tastes so he threw it near the shore, and a guy who we have talked to before, (and already found one) picked it up!! Now he has two of these monsters!! I did take a pic to show you all, comparing it to my size 9 foot it has a great sharp point on it!!
Shortly after this we found Daddy's crab pot and began to dig, there were so many pen shells, and there are two other crab pots nearby. 
This is the lid of the crab pot opened just slightly
I did stop long enough to take a couple of pics of the just the right time!! It just makes you say..."AWWWWWW" doesn't it?

We had little to no luck this time, but they are a little bit deep and it is difficult to dig.  The entire time I dug I could just think about Daddy and how much he enjoyed this type of shelling....I just knew I was going to find a shark's eye anytime! I did get a broken baby's ear, which is a fairly rare find for this area...course I kept it!! :) 

I continued down the beach a little and hit an area that produced 3 Alphabet cones and some true tulips!! Unfortunately only one was worth keeping! It's the only one we have found on this trip! So here is how the day ended up...not too shabby!!
Hubby's finds
My finds
Hubby got some sweet pear whelks
I got 2 true tulips and a banded tulip...
...and a Florida Cone, Alphabet cone and some of Daddy's sharks eyes!
Looks like we might be staying another day!! :D I thought we would be heading back up north tomorrow, but....maybe not!! Stay tuned!!




  1. Thanks for posting that photo of the crab pot. I can' believe nobody takes that. I am jealous of those horse conchs. I've never found one like that. Enjoy your bonus day. Where did you eat tonight?

    1. The crab pot is in so deep you can't move it, when we were digging there a couple of years ago there was a lady that wanted us to dig it out so no one would trip over it....we couldn't budge it!!We ate at home....we've only been out to eat once...the Fish House!

  2. It's like a little slice of Heaven down there!! I love your pictures. And I love the shell you made look like a heart in the first picture.