Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Work Life!

"They Paved Paradise and put up a parking lot!"

One of our most productive wind tunnels at work is in the process of being slowly cut away.....not sure what the thinking produced well, I understand it even made money at time....but the Government decided to close down several facilities...this was one of them. They work all day every day slowly cutting away letting it fall to the ground with a bang.  They have a machine below that cuts it into smaller bits, and it's put on a truck and hauled away!!

When they are done, the area will be used as a parking lot! I must admit, parking is at short supply, but to tear this down seems so sad.  I guess we can say this is the end of an era....let's just hope it also is a beginning of another!!  After over 30 years out here, I guess the 'old dog' in me is fighting with the 'new tricks'!

Update:  Here is the front (last 2 pics above) less than 24 hours (and 2 inches of rain) later!!

Note: The tree is still there, just taken from a different view!

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