Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beautiful Day for Gardening!!

“When the world wearies and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden.”

I finally got a chance to work in my gardens was such a beautiful day!!

Hubby (Junonia Jim) even helped me do the weeding and the mulch spreading..aren't I lucky!!!!  I had waited too long, and ended up breaking some of the stalks, but now it's ready for all the new bulbs to come in!!

Nothing new except the double daffodils...they are very neat, they come in yellow then turn into a salmon color after they bloom fully!!

 All the ducks and birds are beginning to gather together "2 by 2" and there is romance in the air!!

Double date?

Families of Finches!

It's a family affair everywhere!!  Even families of flowers!! :)  I love the springtime, everything is fresh and new, and there is so much to look at and enjoy.....just make sure you take the time to do that!!

Families of dwarf tulips!

Families of dwarf tulips!

Families of daffodils, and snow glories!

Sunrise through a plumtree!



Looks like I got caught...look at his plumage coming in!!


  1. The gardens look great! And it sounds like you made a date out of it. Those pics of the sunrise are beautiful!


  2. Spring looks beautiful there! I did some planting over the last couple of weeks, but it's turned cold again, with rain and even a tiny bit of snow today. I hope my flowers and plants survive :-)
    P.S. Thanks for the tip on Coldwater Creek :-)