Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gone Fishing!!

"A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work. "

Jess came down Monday on spring break from Vet School at VT, and my Dad took her and I fishing for the first time this season at Camp Yeopim in NC!!  

We didn't catch a lot of fish but it was a great time... as always....Jess got some "boat therapy" as she likes to call it...and it was a beautiful day!!

Daddy with one of his brim!  
 The turtles seemed to be enjoying the beautiful day and sunshine....they were everywhere, sunning on logs and peeking up at us from the water!!

Tiny Turtle!!  There were 3 here but the other 2 were camera shy!
Jess did catch a small bass!! She had so much fun!!  She 'set the hook' and he flew into the back of the boat!  She put him back so she could catch him again when he's all grown up!!

We called this our Heron Log!!

Just a shot of the main creek......we call this place "Bassy!"

More Bassy photos!

Hovering turtle?!

It cooled off considerably and Jess was trying to keep warm!!!  :)

Yesterday we visited the local nursery and bought a few plants for both of us....she now owns her house and has a place she can finally plant some fun things she can watch grow...she even got a garden flag!!

We had a great visit and she is heading back home to hubby in Blacksburg already!!  Thanks so much for the visit Darlin'....had a great time!!

Now it's time for me to go Back to work!! : (

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  1. Your dad looks like he's truly doing what he loves :-)

    Thanks so much for your prayers for my nephew Jordan. Our family has been so blessed by the prayers and encouragement here in blog land.