Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

"No....Sweetie...too many weeds and no place to hide!!"
We had a couple of visitors today.....I would bet they are looking for just the right place to stay for a while! Last year they picked the front bed, but I took out the plants that they could hide alas, they will move on to somewhere else!!

Spring is beginning to pop out all over....all the ducks and geese are storing up food for upcoming events!! :)

The Finches can't get enough of our new feeder.....unfortunately a squirrel took care of one of the socks!!  I couldn't get a great picture because it's through the window and had to zoom!!  But there are 6 on there!!

I hope this will remind you all to look around you and enjoy each day to it's fullest!!

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