Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Fun, Fun Day!

The low tides are getting later and later, soon it will be after dark, and they will not be as I'm grabbing every bit of daylight I can in the evening! I went to Bowman's beach which is quite a ride from home, the water was that beautiful blue and oh so clear! I started out walking in a tidal pool....this was my first scoop!
A Rough Scallop, Gaudy Nautica and Olive
The water was so clear, I couldn't resist the amazing colors on all the scallops!

These pictures don't do them justice! That orange is so vibrant!

I even picked up this ugly Alternate Tellin....I bet it will clean up just fine!
I had walked a pretty long way, and reached the end of the tidal pool....the waves were not bad, so I decided to try my luck at "lookin' and scoopin'"....a technique that my Shelling Buddy Cheri has perfected.....and Viola!!!! Thanks, Cheri!!! ;)
I got this tiny little ugly Florida Cone....

As I moved down the beach, I saw more and more stuff rolling in the surf....
Florida Cone, Tiny King's Crown, Chesnut Turban and colorful Calico Scallops
I was having a blast!!! And it was getting later and later....
I kept walking and scooping, on down the beach! I couldn't stop! At one point I had my left hand full, and a bunch of stuff in the scoop....I was getting pretty good at this!

Juvenile Fighting Conch (with awesome pattern), 2 Beautiful Orange Horse Conchs, Small Lightning Whelk...and more Scallops!
I finally had to just stop! My bag was fuller than it has been in a long time!

I had a long walk back, and didn't want to do it in the dark!...Looks like a postcard picture doesn't it?!
I walked back with a Lady that had the same luck....most of the week....

The whole time I was there I could hear birds up on the beach, they sounded just like a Squeaky toy!....I managed to snap a picture of one, 
They are tiny little birds, and are adorable...I believe they are called a Least Tern, they appeared to be nesting all over in this area....I got a little too close and a couple of them buzzed me from I scooted on down the beach....

There were lots of areas marked off either for nesting or Turtle crawls....I saw two on my way back that were very recent...and not yet marked! (A Turtle Crawl is the tracks left in the sand by a female turtle that comes on shore, buries her eggs, notice the tracks left by 'walking' or pulling herself along  the sand with her fins, while her belly drags in the center!)

Have I mentioned lately that I just love this place?! So much to see! One day, I'm going to be one of the 'Turtle Walkers' that walks the beaches early and marks nests....and keeps count!!

I found this guy on my walk back...can't resist a Worm Shell!

The sun seemed to grow as it entered the Gulf.....another Beautiful Day in paradise!

I'd say I had a pretty good shelling day too....wouldn't you?

Such fun!! Stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. I miss the beach so much and it's 6 months away. I enjoy your posts and wonder what you are scooping with?

    1. Google scoop bait net, Val...(I tried to put a link here, but it wouldn’t work)

  2. Love your wormies--you had some good luck today!

    1. Yes I did....and didn't get to go yesterday! :( So fun!!