Saturday, May 2, 2015

Scallop Day!

Hubby and I decided it was time for some much needed R & R, where better than a trip home? Spring has not really arrived yet at our home up North, and we had grown tired of low 40s at night, Florida has been calling to us. It is beautiful here, (surprised?) and low tides are in the evening, so how does an early dinner, followed by a slow stroll on the beach sound? Glorious to us! We got a little later start than anticipated, but still got a little over an hour to enjoy the 81 degree temperature.

Today must have been Scallop day. The beach was loaded with live scallops, they were slapping their shells together all over the place and tumbling in the light surf. I love to watch these guys....they weren't as active as they sometimes are, but if you watch this video closely, you will see them clacking and spitting!

They were all over the place!

 It's amazing to me how they are so different on each side, nearly every one had one side that was very colorful...
...and the other is almost always pure white!

I thought this one was beautiful, it was different than the others as it was a deep maroon, on both sides!

This orange one was awesome too...

 This sea star was enormous, and was cleverly hiding just under the surface of the sand...

 We found a few little treasures.... like this pear whelk, I'll post our finds tomorrow....
Tomorrow is officially the full moon, but it looked pretty full to me....

 The Gammaw in me cannot resist the opportunity to do a little bragging! Joseph is 2 months old today, and decided to give his Mom a little gift of sleeping through the night last night....for the first time! What a great gift! 

 ....what kind of day will tomorrow be? Stay tuned for more adventures!



  1. Joseph is SO adorable -love his little smile.

    I had no idea that scallops were colored on one side and white on the other.

    Enjoy your trip!

    1. YES Joseph is such a sweetie pie....and so happy most of the time! The scallops are amazing, I have fallen in love with them again, so much personality! I believe every one of the calico scallops has a pure white half....and they usually are down! How weird is that, I guess they are their bottoms!! :)