Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Another Windy Day

'Plan B' paid off with the shells, as I said before, I love shelling the tidal pools.
My finds, quite a variety!
Hubby's finds
My Mini True tulip 
Hubby's true tulip
My Lacey Lace Murex
Hubby's Lace Murex, double jewel box, and horse conchs
I found another winged oyster (right) and several mussel pairs, and of course mini fighting conchs

The wind continues to blow, so much so it was really pushing against the car going across the causeway. These pictures don't really look that way, but believe me it's really blowing!
So back to the tidal pool we go!
We didn't find as many treasures this time, and many of the scallops were gone, back into the gulf with the high tide, I suppose.
We did continue to find many live horse conchs, which is a good thing, they can multiply and grow!  Such beautiful colors!

We saw many live olives this time, writing in the sand....
....and live cockles....this one is incognito!
Almost looks like a fish peering out of the sand, doesn't it?
Will post pics of the shells from today on my next post, still need to clean and sort them. Hopefully the wind has calmed down today, Stay tuned!



  1. The horse conchs are great. Seems like people have been finding some large ones there this past week.

  2. I know Kim, I keep looking but haven't found any good sized ones that aren't live! The colors of them all have been amazing!