Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Checking Out Other Beaches

Day 2 in the tidal pools wasn't as plentiful as the first day, though we did pretty well.

My Finds
Hubby's finds
 I finally found an alphabet cone! For some reason, we have not had much luck with those this year, I guess today was cone day, because I also got a Florida cone and a tiny dusty cone.

Hubby found this unusual lace Murex....look at the dark color, and notice the three horse conchs also.

 Hubby didn't want to go shelling this evening so I decided to check out some other beaches....First was Blind Pass

 I could not believe how much of the beach was gone! I had heard about it, but it was amazing how wide it has gotten, it's nearly wider than the bridge!  
 This palm tree's roots are above the sand!!

 The water was really moving through, the tide was going out, and the water was super clear.

 There was a large pile of shells was on the Sanibel side, nothing special there...

 I went to the Captiva side, and had no luck there either, notice how clear the water is from the bridge!
From one end of Sanibel to the other....the lighthouse...the last 2 days of wind had caused quite a shelf in the sand, and the beaches were very clean.

 There were hundreds of live fighting conchs, tulips, and hermit crabs in almost every kind of was a lot of fun looking at them all.
Fighting Conchs
The tiny shell inside is a live marginella. 
This is a very large and crusty lightning whelk....

It's live, sorta, it has a HUGE hermit Crab inside...

Check out that claw....he looks like a lobster!

This was the biggest sand dollar I have ever seen, yes, he is very much alive and was put back after his photo op...

The colors in the sky were beautiful, and the lighthouse made a great backstop.

...And this little olive wrapped the night up with a fancy little bow...

Stay tuned, another adventure tomorrow.



  1. The olive made a 3 leaf clover! Thanks for the shots of Blind Pass. Wow.

  2. I know, Blind Pass is a completely different place! I think they are worried about the bridge! At this rate it could wash away!!