Friday, May 8, 2015

Catchin' Up With My Posts....Here and There in one day!

I got awfully busy the last couple of days, so am compiling the rest of the trip here. (We are already on our way back home) :(

Wednesday I had made a reservation on the iloveshelling cruise with Pam Rambo.  
Pam and I have been blogging buddies for years, and we have so much in common, when we finally met in person a few years ago, we hit it off! So much in common!

This trip was to Big Hickory island, a place I had never been... We left from Ft. Myers Beach, and 45 minutes later pulled up at the island.

The underside of a false angel wing!

This was mini territory, with lots of worm shells, coral, and a few false angel wings!

Pam is quite the hostess on these cruises, she really enjoys this, and loves to share it with everyone!

I got back to Ft. Myers Beach about 12:45, and after an AWESOME lunch at Parrot Key Restaurant there on the docks, Hubby and I headed out to Sanibel for some more shelling....Sanibel style.  This time shallow digging was what was the most plentiful.

Do you see it?....
A Sand Dollar, barely buried....
Check out this fighting conch....He had Bright purple trim around it's cool is that?  

He was live so was put back in place after his photo op!
Here is the final tally for the day.....

Lots of Minis

 I think this is the smallest turkey wing I have ever seen!
 Coral from Big Hickory...
 False angel wings...have never found any on Sanibel, only Cayo Costa and now Big Hickory...
 More minis from Big Hickory...turkey wing, wentletrap,  hmmmm will have to look it up again, I forget what the third shell down is, and a marginella.
 A good pic of the calico scallop pair with the colorful side and the white side...
And LOTS of worm shells from Big Hickory, these are not found on Sanibel very often either...
These busy shelling day ended with a beautiful usual!! 

My plan was to get up early the next morning for one last shelling trip, but I decided to sleep in instead.  I have a couple more stories to tell about this trip, so will post again soon! 

Stay tuned!



  1. You and Pam - 2 of my favorite Sanibel people!!

    1. How sweet Kim! I also like it that you think of me as Sanibel people!! <3 :D

  2. Lots of sun and shells and how much fun to spend some time with Pam! Love your finds!

    1. This was so much fun! I love adventures! Pam is an excellent hostess!