Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm Finally Back!!

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.  ~Kenji Miyazawa

As many of you know, it has been very tough times here the last few months.  My Daddy, my hero, passed away on March 15th.  He had so looked forward to my upcoming retirement on April 3 to go fishing together, but unfortunately that didn't happen! My Mom and Jess and I were there with him when he took his last breath and we were able to verify that it was a peaceful transition for him which is everything we hoped for.  Jess and I did the Eulogy at his funeral, it was tough but was something we both felt driven to do, and thanks to the tremendous support of our hubbies, we were able to do a pretty good job of it I think!  He was tagged as Mr. Christmas in his neighborhood due to his Christmas decorations, (I always knew he was the real Santa) and the community has been so thoughtful!! We miss him so much, but we know he is in a much better place, fishing with his fishing buddies that went before him, and flying with his pilot buddies. 

A day has not gone by when I'm not talking to him, and I feel confident that he is always here with me as he has been all of my life!

Hubby and my plans to rent a place on Sanibel long term were put on hold in February when my Dad took a turn for the worse.  They have just been delayed, hopefully, while we regroup with our family. I finished out my last 3 weeks at work and have been working on the next chapter of my life....called RETIREMENT. So far, I have been working with my Mom to help clean-up things, and 'work on the nest' as she calls it, organizing and going through Daddy's things.   We do have a trip planned starting this Friday to go down to Sanibel for a much needed trip of R and R! It has been a rough few months for us both, and to be able to take time to relax and reflect on life in general will be greatly welcomed!

I intend on keeping everyone up to date with my 'shell reports' here and with pictures taken with my BRAND NEW waterproof camera that Hubby gave me for Christmas! I can take it with us and show you all the wonderful things we see on our shelling journeys!

I still need to get caught up with all the blogs I follow, but intend on 'getting back on the horse' with updates here and sharing life as we know it, once again!

Here is a video I took of my Dad last December....he loved those animated figures that sing, so this year's was appropriately a Santa hat!




  1. So sorry to hear about your father. I know how hard these past few months have been. So happy that you are back and extremely excited that you are going to sharing my favorite spot in the whole world. i wish you lots of luck shelling.

  2. What wonderful memories you will always treasure of your dad. Congrats on your retirement. I cannot wait for your Sanibel trip reports. I just know you'll find some great shells. Have fun!

  3. So sorry for your loss Cheri. You will always have him close in heart, mind and spirit.

    I, too, am waiting anxiously for those Sanibel shell posts! You always find great shells!

    Welcome back!

  4. I think about him every single day, too, and not just when I'm driving his car to school. He made such an imprint on so many people, and he changed your life and mine! He really was the world's best grandpa! Enjoy Sanibel for us!