Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is it Spring?!

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.  ~Doug Larson
I think spring is beginning to come around here, though we had threats of snow last weekend that was just a light dusting....but today is to be 70 degrees!! We have some VERY confused plants and ducks around my house!!  Romance is in the air as they are prepare, thinking its time, but it's still only February, and we never really had winter except for a day or two here and there! I showed you pics of my crocuses that popped out last week in the snow, now my dwarf iris are beginning to bloom!!

The purple Crocus are blooming now, soon to be followed by daffodils, I certainly hope that spring is here! I really need to get the gardens cleaned out so they can all push their way through!! That was to be item # 1 on my todo list when I retired, but I think I will have to start sooner!!

Lily continues to be the light of our lives!! Her Daddy even lets her help with his work!! I can't believe this, he usually makes her stay away when he's working on his laptop!! :)

She's snoozing here!!

See, I'm helping Daddy!!

I so wish I could have been part of the 'Sanibel Stoop' world record that went on last week on Sanibel!! I understand that there were 700 people who participated, it would have been so neat to be part of it!! Several of my blogging buddies got together while there and each talked about it on their blog, Capt. Brian from Capt. Brian's Observations on the Water, Karen from The Essential Beachcomber, and Pam from I Love Shelling. They were setting a Guiness Book of World record for the 75th annual Shellabration Shell Fair and Show that will begin March 1st.  That is one of those things on my 'bucket list' of things to do.  Of course I won't make the 75th, but I sure hope to make it one year!! Check out all the links....they will sure to become your favorites.... as you see they are mine!! (listed on the right of my blog)

40 Days till Retirement!!



  1. 40 days is practically right around the corner!!

  2. Wow! Flowers already! It has been such a mild winter, even for us. My trees started getting new leaves about 2-3 weeks ago. No flowers yet though. We have so much yard work to do ugh. But I am excited to get some gardening going on.

    I wish I could have gone down to Sanibel, too. It looked pretty crowded though. Too bad they did it on Friday instead of Saturday :( There will be another one one day! The shell show is a must do one of these years for me too!

  3. Hi Cheri - I found your blog through Del's shells and am so glad I did. We have a huge thing in common - our love for Sanibel Island. OMG - I am sooo jealous that you will be retiring and possibly having a year round rental on the island. But in a good way - can't wait for those posts to come. Take care