Sunday, May 20, 2012


"Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer"~ William S. Burroughs

Today, we were learning to kick back and relax....that sounds funny doesn't it? it's not something that you do automatically... if you are as busy as we have been lately! I popped up early as usual, then forced myself to just sit down and relax!! I sat out on the deck and just stared at the Gulf of Mexico...this is the view!!
After just taking in the view, we put on real clothes and mosied to Jerry's Supermarket! They have a little diner in there that serves great breakfast. I had my usual... a morning BLT (which means it comes with hash browns (the REAL shredded kind)) and Hubby had his usual 'Cakes and Eggs' (of course that's pancakes, eggs any style and bacon! We then stocked up on their pastries for breakfast tomorrow, and bleach to cleanup shells. Headed back to our new abode and I finished up the shells....the shelling was pretty good, we got some goodies here!
Banded and True Tulips (mini)

True Tulip minis and a Cerith

Jewel box...both sides!! Cockle too!!
 Not too bad for the first day...Huh?!  We decided that since low tide was late, around 8:00 we would have dinner about 5 and then go out again this evening and see what new treasures we would find! So after a day of relaxation....(I actually finished a book I started on my last trip here in November) How sad is that? it took me a while to remember what was going on!! We went to Gramma Dot's for popcorn shrimp caesar salad and homemade chips....of course we had to finish it off with the world's BEST key lime pie!! We mosied back to the condo then out to the gulf around 6:00.  Shelling wasn't as plentiful this time, as we have become somewhat shell snobs and won't grab just anything! We did see some amazing things and I took several short videos with my new camera!! Trouble is, you will have to wait until we get home to see those, because the internet connection here is terrible....I'm lucky to get pictures downloaded, much less video!! So that will just have to be an added bonus when we get home!

I found out today that our little Lily (8 month old chihuahua puppy) is doing fine at the vet's and they promise that she will be spoiled rotten when we get home....she is very shy around strangers and I have been worried about her! It sounds like she will be less shy when we return!

Here are some pics I took this evening of some of the live shells, you cannot take live shells on Sanibel, and sometimes they are plentiful, which means they will continue to multiply! Here are some we got pictures of, I spent more time taking videos and pics then shelling tonight....but once again, I'm learning to relax and enjoy!! 
Lightning the 'door'

Front side of the same lighting whelk


underside of a true tulip...the 'door is horizontal across the middle...he's moving back inside

More tomorrow!!




  1. Cheri, you find the most amazing shells. I want to come take shelling lessons from you!

    1. Come on down'll have to sleep on the couch tho... It looks quite comfortable!! :)

  2. Nice finds! Glad you are relaxing!