Friday, September 11, 2020

Fall Beach and Shell Painting Therapy!

Hi all! I hope this post finds you well and adjusting to the new way of doing business...i.e quarantine! Hubby and I have stayed home, just trips to the store as needed and I've learned how to be a housewife! I worked full time, so was never home enough to do that! I'm kinda like this!! This housewife and househubby needed a break so we headed down to our place in Fort Myers for some R&R!

Let me start out with a Beautiful Sunset!

 Haven't been for a Sunrise yet, but it's coming....

The shelling has not been great, but you know how I am, the beach therapy is! I've only been able to go every other day, due to afternoon the last couple of days Team Cheri has gone earlier. There are a couple of small storms...The weather Channel calls them Invests that we should get this coming weekend which hopefully may stir things up a bit, hopefully improving the shelling.

Team Cheri did take a quick trip out looking for Wentletraps...(We call it Wentling) and it was somewhat successful...

I put the penny in there to show sizes...I LOVE the minis! (I forgot to take pics of Cheri's finds)

As usual, every time we go out, we have a little bit of an adventure....Cheri found these eggs...I believe they are Octopus eggs! How cool is that? These haven't fully developed yet, and we don't know if they are still thriving, but we have found them when you could actually see them inside!
We always like to see live stuff during our walks, here is a Live Sunray Venus...
...and a live Lightning Whelk and Sand Dollar!

Most of my time in Virginia, (and a lot of time here) has been spent painting shells and, as we call it, sprinkling them on the island! I came down with 2 boxes full I had painted since last trip...over 200 shells!!

This week I started getting ready for Halloween...and what fun!! I know, I know, it's a bit early...but I won't be here then!!
Here are a few I have been working on!

A Mumingo!!

So fun, and Highly Theraputic...then you get to find new areas to hide them for people to find!! Some areas do this with Rocks....on Sanibel they do it with Shells...of course!

Hopefully I have more adventures to post while we're here....

Stay Tuned and Stay Safe!
::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Glad you were able to get in some beach therapy. I couldn't live without it on a regular basis. Love all the painted shells. I'll have to head south one afternoon and see if I can find some :)

    1. It's so fun....the painting, hiding and searching! Be careful though, it's addictive! :)

  2. Beautiful blog Cheri always enjoy it and your creative and exquisite shells. The gulf always amazes us with what she offers us to witness and find..ever changing. Thanks for the post

  3. Love your shells, those witches are super clever...good on you

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos! Love the sunsets! You are quite a talented painter!

  5. Love your blog! Those shells are wonderful, what a steady hand you must have.

    1. Thank you Shelley! I hope you and your family is doing well and staying safe!!