Friday, September 25, 2020

Shelling and Bird Nerding

Can you believe it? Two posts in two days! I wanted to update as our trip is growing to a close and it might be a while before I post least about Shelling in Florida!

The shelling has improved quite a bit in the last few days...or at least I've been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time! These are some of the best...

and These are my favorites from the group! (Cheri found that Huge Shark's eye!)

From the left, Shark's eye, Alphabet cone with two orange scallops above, Lace Murex, Gaudy Nautica above the lace, then a Tiny Bright orange True Tulip, and another perfect Horse Conch! 

The color on that Lace Murex is beautiful, They are usually white with a little pink tip!

A trip to the mud flats at Bunche Beach scored me some Sunray Venus, a beautiful Pear Whelk and 3 Kings Crowns (center)

Not only did I pick up shells, I am learning from the 'Bird Nerd' many different types of birds, many on their Migration journey and are 
stopping by here for a visit! Cheri gets pictures of their tags and can see where they are coming from. Some are even from near my other home in Virginia!

This is an Oyster Catcher (I'm counting on Cheri to keep me straight with this info!) ;)

The lighting is a bit better in this pic...
This is a Marbled Godwit
...a Little Blue Heron...
and these adorable little guys are Sanderlings...(That's a Willet in the back and a Rudy Turnstone in the front with the dark wings.)
We see so many cool things on the beaches we visit....this is a Moon's very large...look closely...
These tiny little Dog Whelks seem to be having him for lunch!!!

These 3 Kings Crowns are having a Sunray Venus for lunch!!
I love to see the live shells almost as much as the empty ones.....I snap a pic and we put them back...Here is a Live Lightning Whelk....

and a live King's Crown....

While shelling & watching the birds...we keep an eye on the sky....

Check out this perfect 'hole' in the center of this thunderstorm!!! 

Another trip has almost come to an end, I've packed up shells to take back to paint and hopefully will bring them back in a month or so to hide them on the looks like I've got my work cut out for me!! 

These days, we don't leave the house much so this keeps me sane!! Stay Safe! ...Until the next post!

::Shelllady Hugs::


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  1. We were in Sanibel last week with Tropical Storm Sally. It rained for the first 3 days. Our last day there, Saturday, September 19 was our best shelling day. But not as good as what you have found. You are so lucky to have been there, now. I think the storms churn everything up but the shells don't make it to the beach until the waves calm down.