Sunday, July 5, 2020

Highlights from This Week's Adventures

I have been lax on my posts lately so I decided to post some favorites from this week's Walk and Talk Adventures.  

I am continually trying to learn all I can about my local area, and saw this growing in a courtyard leading up to one of the grocery stores on Sanibel...If I'm not mistaken, those are Bananas or Plantains?!! How cool is that?!...and check out the 'flower' at the base!! I go into this area nearly everyday, either hiding shells or shopping...This hangs fairly high up, obviously I haven't been as observant as I thought!! I just really thought it was interesting!

I love the birds on Sanibel, and Cheri is a self proclamed 'Bird-Nerd' and keeps me educated about them, this guy is one of my favorites, a Reddish Egret, though they are not always red! He does this wonderful little dance while he feeds in the shallow water....
This is a Yellow-Crowned Night Heron...isn't he beautiful?? This was one of the first time I have seen one of these!

and who doesn't love a Pelican?! This one was on the roof of the pier watching us as we were walking beneath it!!
This tiny little crab, came out with both claws drawn as we slowly walked by him, can you see him?

This is an egg casing for a tulip...
another casing for a Kings Crown....
These egg cases are 'fastened' onto a large rock
This is one of my favorite shells..a Wentletrap
I did find a nice sized Flat Scallop,
...Check out the size of this Tellin!!! They are usually much smaller and daintier!
Cheri and I hit the jackpot on this trip I counted over 80 of them when I got home.....They were everywhere!!....the two smaller ones in this pic are called Crested Tellins
 I thought the way the water washed away this tree trunk was interesting....Look how high the water has gotten on this one!!!
This is all that is left of this tree....hours and hours of the Gulf just slowly washing it away!
Cheri found a live Quahog clam, I don't think I've ever seen one....this guy was sticking out of the shell when she picked it up, he had nearly drawn himself back into his shell by the time I got the picture!
Can you tell what this is?? It is covered in slipper shells, barnacles and all kinds of things....

It's a Florida Fighting Conch!! (we call them Fighters)
Can you see it??
Jackpot!!! A beautiful small Alphabet Cone! I can't tell you how long it's been since I found one of these!
...This was my day...I found 2 more!!!

Cheri found this guy just sitting by the edge of the water!!!! A beautiful small Scotch Bonnet!!! It's perfect!!!
I would say this was a Good Day!!! 
Cheri and I ran across this ferocious little Blue Crab in a tidal pool....we had to keep our eye on him....he was ready to fight....even with only one claw!!!

That's enough for now....I will try to update more often while we are here in paradise! 

Happy 4th of July, I hope you were able to celebrate with your families!!!

Stay Tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Love your blog posts - they are so informative. Not to mention the pictures are always great !!

    1. Awww, thanks Lynne...I always try to make it interesting!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Shelley....I guess you are in Michigan?!

  3. So much cool stuff!! Love the little crab!

    1. It's like Science class every day!!! Love it!

  4. Thank you so much for your posts and awesome photos! Something I really look forward to, tbh. I know I need to shell the east end more, but I stay right next to beach access 7 and it's hard to tear myself away, lol. It's just the birds, the shells, the sunsets, total tranquility and barely a human in sight - a sense of peace I don't feel anywhere else. :-)