Sunday, October 14, 2018

Catching up....

The first day shelling was last Tuesday, I got out just before sunrise....the beach therapy started was instant!

The beaches looked so much better than it had on my last trip...though it was very windy and the gulf was churning....Hurricane Michael was on the was west of us, but we did get some pretty rough water....we even had foam along the beach...
It did push the water up on Sanibel, but only for a day or so as it passed by.  I feel so badly for the panhandle...they are devastated, it's so hard to see! I lift them up daily in my prayers.

I did find a few strange things....a few bones....
and I collected some Pufferfish spikes.....gotta find some craft to use these, though they are fairly hard to find now.... that's all I found! The therapy was the most important thing!

Wednesday I didn't go shelling at all, the Gulf was extremely rough, and I didn't even come out to the island due to some flash flooding.

Thursday, Team Cheri got together and went out just before sunrise....we took a nice long walk at Bowman's beach....we did find some unusual these round things....not sure what they are!!!

They may be a type of sponge, I think the bottom one is a Loggerhead sponge, but that is just guessing and looking in my books....any help would be awesome! The top one looks like it has some hair on it!! 

Thursday, Cheri's Flat radar was working well! First few steps she found this huge one!

It has also been the day to find Lightning appears that everyone has been finding these guys!
Cheri collected several!
We were walking back, and I completely missed this one!!! Almost tripped over it! Cheri finally said something....guess I was looking at little stuff! 
 It's a nice one too!
Here are my finds for the day....
Cheri had some good finds, too!
Today I decided to try some therapy at Blind Pass....the water looked much better today....fingers crossed that it will stay that way!
And there were birds!!!!! So excited to see them!
Flocks of Pelicans in formation....
Ibis strolling along the shore....
This Cormorant was just checking out the beach....
This Bald Eagle dove down right in front of me! I was watching him, he flew just above me and I grabbed my camera....not fast enough, he dove in, picked up a snack and flew off!
I didn't find many shells, a Bittersweet....

and a nice piece of coral were the highlights of the day....

Tomorrow I spend the day at the Shellcrafters, which is a blast!  

So now you are 'caught up!'

Stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::

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