Thursday, October 18, 2018

Bird Nerding at Bunche with Shells on the side

Team Cheri decided to hit Bunche Beach in Ft. Myers. Cheri calls herself a 'Bird Nerd', she spends lots of time photographing the many birds at Ding on Sanibel and recently won third place in their photo contest! It was also posted in Today's local paper...The News Press...a half page picture!!!

She also reads leg tags on birds by zooming in with and then is able to follow their migration on line! Really interesting and Cool Stuff! I decided to tag along with her yesterday (and maybe pick up a shell or two!) 

She found a Piping Plover that had been tagged at Virginia Tech!! 

Small world...that is our daughter's Alma Mater and a football team we had seasons tickets for 12 years!! Go Hokies!

She also got pics of a Royal Tern, taking a bath...
a Willet eating a snack...(crab)
and Marbled pretty are these guys?!
It was so interesting...the Bird Nerd certainly knows her stuff!
 and she has good squat muscles!!! ;)
As we were checking out the birds, we were checking out the beaches and tidal pools too!...Bunche never disappoints....lots of live Kings Crowns...

Cheri even found one snacking on a crab!
I found all three types of Angel Wings!
On the left is a False Angel Wing, Center is an Angel Wing and the right is a Fallen Angel Wing....
It is also known as a Mud-Piddock!

Cheri found a beautiful pair of Rose Tellins....
and I believe these are also Rose Tellins....the book says they go from Rosy white....which are these, I believe to bright pink....
Cheri also found a beautiful Kings Crown that was's beautiful!
And the Morton's Egg Cockles!!!! First I filled up my small jar....

...and like every shelling addict, I couldn't stop there must have been billions of them out there...all different, a perfect pair!....had to get my larger container out! Here's a video of only a 5 foot area!

I managed to find one little Wentletrap in the group!

I also found a couple of empty Kings Crowns, & Sunray Venus.
Cheri did too!
We decided to stay for the sunset...and it did not disappoint!

What a cool adventure....she just might turn me into a Bird Nerd too!!!

My trip is quickly growing to an end....but Stay Tuned, I have a few more days left!!

::Shelllady Hugs::

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