Sunday, March 18, 2018

An East Coast Adventure!

Cheri and I met through a facebook page called the Shellinators. It's a group of avid shellers who share their finds, and it has grown very large. Cheri and I are administrators for this group along with 9 others. Most of us 'talk' daily but haven't met in person, we had planned on as many as possible getting together in February, but unfortunately I was unable to make it. I did get to get together with 2 other admins, who hadn't headed home yet, Cindy and Liz.  

According to many posts on the Shellinators, there had been great shelling on the East Coast of Florida, Cindy, Cheri and Liz had been and had a great trip, so Cindy and Cheri decided to take me during the very quick trip that I had in Ft. Myers! 

So off we went, on another adventure! Road Trip!!!  The first thing I noticed, was the color of the water! These pictures don't do it justice, but believe me, it was an awesome tropical turquoise...

It was so different than anything I was used to...there were lots of rocks on the beach, and Coral everywhere! Of course, I came home with a bucket of pieces that I will have to clean up....I just couldn't resist!

There were so many BIG pieces of Large shells....

Like Cindy said, it was like being on another planet!  

Cindy and Cheri immediately went to a large pile of rocks and began looking around each one, almost instantly Cindy came up with this Beauty!!!
Obviously a cone, very similar to an Alphabet Cone but HUGE and much flatter on the top! Such a special find!!!

(I am still in search of an accurate Seashell Identification of many of the shells we found....)

Not long after that she found 2....yes...2...Scotch Bonnets!!

I'd say Cindy absolutely hit the jackpot...already!!!

I found a few Thorny Oysters...but not much else...
So....Cheri began scooping shells out of the surf and dumping them on the beach for us to go through, we found so many amazing things, a lot of which we had not seen before!
She found an awesome Helmet....
and this amazing Murex...and a tiny Nerite (I believe)
and laying right there on the beach, I picked up this Awesome Triton!!!!

Cindy and I plopped down in the sand, and Cheri basically brought us scoops from the surf to go about that for service?!

I found what I believe is a Long spined star shell
 Both Cindy and Cheri picked up these Cowries...
 Cheri found a Cabrit's Murex, we found several of these through the day...they are very rare in Sanibel...
 Cheri also found a small Scotch Bonnet with an amazing tip....
 I believe this is a Beaded Periwinkle and a Flamingo tongue!
 Another Cabrit's for Cheri...
I found several of these Milk Moon Shells...obviously a close cousin to a shark's eye...
Cindy found another, smaller Cone....
I found this tiny little top shell....
Speaking of tiny...Cheri found this tiny Scotch Bonnet...

We also found several Rose Murex....

 Such fun....and so much to see!!! I also have a collection of minis that I am trying to identify, that will have to be another post!

Cheri recognized another couple of Shellinators there and they came up and talked to us, Tatiana and Clint. Clint had been posting some awesome finds on facebook, and found some more today....
 He had found both sides of a Thorny Oyster, a beautiful orange Horse Conch, a Fighting Conch and an Awesome Queen Conch!
 In just a few minutes he also found this awesome Vase Shell....

Tatiana came back and GAVE us some of their special finds....a beautiful Cowrie, a huge golden Cabrit's Murex and a Sundial!! How awesome is that?! Such special finds, and they shared them with us!

We talked with them for a long time, and they shared some amazing stories of their finds, as well as some suggestions of places for us to go....these are some awesome Shellinators! So glad to meet them both, and we hope our paths will cross again one day!

I so enjoyed this trip, and getting to know Cindy....this is a trip that we plan on doing again one day...Cindy will be heading home, but we have a plan to do this again!

Cheri, Cheri (me) & Cindy
Stay tuned....

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Now I’m chomping at the bit to go east. I love the community & friendships that have been formed via social media shelling. Such a gift from the sea.

    1. I know, right?! Karen....That is what started our interest...all these posts from the East Coast...we will definitely be back!

  2. Did you hit public beaches in Fort Myers? Those shells are awesome and so different from even Sanibel shells being so close. Looks like a fun day.

    1. Kai, I haven't shelled Fort Myers Beaches very much....i keep saying that I will try it, but don't! Yes it was so different, and so fun! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I was in Fort Myers Beach March 2-11th and really didn't find many shells. Even with the winds and storm that came through still nothing. I'll be back in December.

    1. Thanks for Stopping by....I haven't shelled Ft. Myers Beach much, I'm sorry you didn't have any luck there....try Sanibel! Especially at Low Tide!

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  5. fun to find such different shells on the east coast compared to the Gulf Coast. Thank you so much for sharing. Do you mind sharing the general vicinity you guys were shelling in this post? I'm so curious. We'll be back in June and will be both in the Ft Lauderale to Keys area as well as Sanibel. Also like you I have loved all the coral I find, especially for me near Key West. SO fun.

    1. Dana, we were near Hollywood Fl. Which is in the area where you will very different, and so much fun....will try snorkeling next time, I think!

  6. I've never had much luck on the east coast. What area did you hit? You found a great variety of things.

    1. Kim, Near Hollywood Fl, don't remember the name of the beach, but we want to try all up and down that area south of Ft. Lauderdale...Clint finds such beauties in these areas...I need to get more experienced since it is so different!

  7. Oh my gosh!!! You all had such an awesome day!!! I’m so glad you got to go!!!! Love you all!!!

  8. We didn't find any paws like you did Jodi....That's on my bucket list!!! 'Team' trip next year!! ;)