Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Time for Some R&R and Beach Therapy

I'm back again, to my favorite place on earth! A lot has happened since my last trip, the best of which is I became a Grammaw....Again! Gideon James was born at 1 minute past midnight on March 26th, and I was there with Mom and Dad to welcome all 9 pounds 4 oz of him! Nothing can compare to the feeling of your baby having a baby! I am truly blessed....with now S-I-X Grandbabies!! <3 <3

We arrived yesterday afternoon, very quickly got settled in and I started making plans to hit the beach! Cheri is still here, so Team Cheri started out just before sunrise this morning....and this is really the first thing I saw!!! A wonderful shell pile....with this beautiful Alphabet Cone right on top!!
It was like saying 'Welcome Home'!! Ok, now what do you do, plop down and start moving shells around, or keep walking??....I chose the latter....and immediately found this nice Olive....
a few more steps....this awesome Kings Crown....
I thought to myself....this is gonna be amazing.....of course, the shelling slowed down a bit....Of course, if you know me, all Shark's eyes come home with me, and I couldn't resist this cockle that looked like a Bittersweet to me....
Cheri, of course, found a Beautiful little Flat Scallop...
and an amazing Wentletrap while scooping some shells in the water! Nice sized one too! Cheri is definitely the Wentletrap Whisperer!
I found another nice Shark's eye, with a 'Paul Newman's eye'....
and a beautiful piece of a Lion's paw....boy would I love to have found the rest of this!

There were shell piles galore....but no, I never did plop down and go through them....always walking.....

We did find a few strange this....a bag of baby carrots? How does that happen?
Or these guys....I think they are Snook....someone had to have put them together like that....right?!
I finally did plop down to do, what we call, "Wentleing"! No, I haven't been doing my squats as I promised myself I would,.... so I plopped down to pick up some Wentletraps and minis....

See them? There's a Baby's ear, Drill, tiny cone in there too!! I have to say, I love the minis! I ended up with quite a few!
...along with some Tiny Wentles!
Stay tuned to our latest adventures....'Team Cheri' is back at it!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Great finds, I found a piece of a Lion's Paw when we were in Fort Myers Beach in February. Congratulations on the new Grandbaby!

  2. Congratulations all around...on the baby, on the alphie, on the wentles, and the partial paw....:) :)

  3. Congrats on the new Grandson. You are truly blessed!