Friday, January 5, 2018

A Big Friday!

Team Cheri headed out to the beach a little later today, after sunrise, hoping it would be a little warmer....and it was! We found a tidal pool that was over my boots, but Cheri was prepared, scuba pants! She walked into the tidal pool, and though she couldn't see due to the stirred up sand, she found something under her foot....a nice Lightning Whelk....
Then she found something else......

she moved over a little bit....and something else! She did that several times, I stood at the edge and took them so she could get more!! 
She found several more large pieces of Horse Conchs, and one more, we left for someone count was 6 Large Horse Conchs and 3 Lightning whelks....all in one area! A lady stopped and talked to us, she found 6 the day before!! We had to go back to the car and drop them off so we could go shelling down the beach! What a great way to start the day! Mixed in among these monsters was this guy....a BEAUTIFUL True Tulip....Her most favorite find of the day! Gorgeous color!
After dropping the Horsies off at the car, we walked on down the beach....there were lots of plain white shells and Broken Quahogs, but not much else...Cheri found this Hermit in this Small Horse Conch....of course, he went back into the water after his photo op....

I saw several live Scallops....I just love these guys...they are so fun to watch!
I found a pen shell with Tulip Egg casings on it....
 I checked it and there were none in there, hopefully they all got out and will grow up!
I did find this little perfect Alphabet cone along the tidal pool edge...
 check out that perfect little tip!
Cheri found 2 in the tidal pool....
The other one she gave to a lady who was shelling and not finding much, She was So Excited when Cheri gave it to was wonderful to see her light up! We saw the Biggest Sunray Venus I have ever seen....half the size of my size 9 boot....(aren't they colorful?!) It was huge...and dare I say a little fat too!!
The beach was just beautiful, not a cloud in the sky!....if you look closely, there is a sailboat on the horizon....just like a picture postcard! How could you not love this place!
Sadly, due to a family emergency, this will be my last post for a while, I have so enjoyed my week here! I will be back to bring some more Adventures with the Cheri Team....Stay tuned and thanks for coming along!

::Shelllady Hugs::

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