Monday, May 23, 2016

My Checklist

It seems like forever since I have walked the beach at Sanibel. We finally made it back home to our place in Ft. Myers, and I was so excited I slept very little last night. Silly, right?! I just had to make sure I had everything with me....

Lucky shorts===Check
Lucky Bracelet===Check
Waterproof Camera===Check
Beautiful Beaches===Check, Check Check!

I am so glad to be back in our paradise, we have needed this R & R for a while, and it is just gorgeous here (isn't it always?)

The low tides are around midnight, so I just hit the beach around sunrise, and was so pleased to see the water crystal clear.  Our last trip here in February was when they were releasing the water from Lake O, and the water was much darker.  Today it was that familiar blue-green.....with several of these baby blonde cownose stingrays swimming around!

They startle you at first, but they are more afraid of you, so you just do the 'Shuffle' while in the water and they swim away. We used to see huge groups (actually called 'fevers') of these when we would come in mid summer.

The shelling seemed pretty slow at first so I took to walking in about knee deep water, it was so much fun! I found this one first....

Perfect Shark's eye===Check!
This is my Dad's most favorite shell, when I found it I sent him a quiet 'Thank you Daddy' from my heart.  But before the morning was done, I ended up with three of these guys....all huge and absolutely perfect!! I actually thanked him out loud, right there on the beach!!

Right after that I found this awesome guy!! A huge Horse Conch.

He is taking a  50/50 Clorox/water bath, and I will be working on getting him presentable.  I believe it will have great color when it's all clean, so stay tuned.

I had a lot of fun today, and I think I did pretty well....even if it wasn't low tide.

Paper Figs (center) and Jingles (top right) and just one olive

Banded Tulip (left) and two Orange True Tulips
3 Huge Sharks Eyes (or Moon Snails)
2 Pear Whelks
Still looking for that Alphabet Cone.....can't check this one off the checklist today!

Hopefully before the week is done....

Enjoying a beautiful day at the beach===CHECK!

Stay Tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Awesome day Cheri! Glad you made it down .. Enjoy your r & r! ��

    1. Thanks Cheri! Now all I have to do is get some sleep!!!! :)

    2. Great finds! Can't wait to see that big horsie all cleaned up!

    3. Thanks Moira! I can't wait either :) It's a lot of "work"!

  2. WOW - huge shells! Those are awesome. My friend Carey is headed there in July. Are the beaches pretty clean? No red tide?

    1. The beaches are beautiful, and the water is nice and clear! No red tide!! Shelling today (Wednesday) was not great, but the tides aren't very good, and the wind made the gulf pretty rough....but that's okay, still pretty and WARM! (So tired of being cold!)