Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rain Day....Being resourceful...More to be done!

"I Know it is Wet and the Sun is not Sunny, But We Can have Lots of Good Fun That is Funny." ~Dr. Seuss

We got up to strong winds and threatening clouds yesterday morning so opted not to try to go to the beach especially since we still have lots to do at the house. (I was hoping to go again for a mini adventure after dinner!) We finished hanging the curtains down stairs....I know, I know it seems like we are working slowly.  We have to drill into stucco, which is essentially concrete, so we are still learning with our new hammer drill! Now we are experts 26 holes and anchors later! We like the new curtains and we can easily push them out of the way so we can see out our beautiful new windows! Today was a day of being resourceful, and making things work.

I finished refinishing the last 2 chairs of our dining room set and will install the seat cushions probably tonight....and take pics! They look awesome!

We wanted something light for lunch so I decided to get creative in the kitchen too!! I was going to make salsa for nachos with just what I had in the fridge...keep in mind, we don't live here full time, and I just grabbed some 'staples' from the Super Target when I got the curtain rods for upstairs. We were both very pleased with the salsa and I will be doing this again! It was great! I need to write it down so here is as good as any place and maybe you will try it and like it!

One tomato chopped, (they are fresh here!)
one baby yellow sweet pepper, 
half a clove of garlic mashed with sea salt into a paste, 
1 to 2 Tbsp sugar, 
dash of cumin, dash of pepper flakes, 
1/4 cup finely chopped sweet onion, 
~1/2-1 tbsp olive oil, 
freshly ground seasalt, pepper,
dash of parsley flakes

put all into saucepan and simmer ~ 10-15 minutes with lid on, stir well!

It was sweet and spicy!!

After lunch, I worked on our front porch and installed my homemade wreath and the 'palm trees' on the wall, I like them very much there, it feels more like home all the time!!

...I also installed my 2 new shadowboxes I made since last trip!
I brought my small bottles and will be attempting an idea I saw on pinterest, making a shadow box of sorts for the wall....I will show you hopefully tomorrow! I did bring some of my mini shells, part of my organizing that was done in the last couple of weeks! Isn't it funny, I got them here....took them all the way home, and now have brought them back!

Mini apple murex in the center and tulips on the left
One of my favorites, Mini horse conch

Mini lightning whelks 
Mini shark's eye 
Shark's teeth
And my Mini collection of wentletraps....gotta get me some more of these!
Even though we didn't make it to the beach, we still get to play with shells! We still couldn't go this morning...the final 2 windows going in now, I plan on hitting it whenever they are finally done! The storms yesterday brought dry cool air, and it is just gorgeous!! Hopefully my next post will be full of beach adventures!




  1. I love everything but that shadowbox with the HUGE sand dollar is gorgeous. I can't wait to see more pictures.

    Louie gets mad at me cuz I am always dragging things back and forth, to and from the lake house to home. I feel like a worker ant. LOL.

    1. LOL!! Me too sometimes Kim! I was thinking, eventually all those shells I organized will end up back down here!! (I hope!) :)

  2. The windows and drapes look amazing. It's good that you were able to successfully install the drapes by yourselves. Not everyone has the guts to do such a feat! I also loved the recipe for the salsa and the design pieces. Until your next adventures from your home!

    Blake Bennet @ WindowPro