Monday, April 7, 2014

Busy Day and a Mini Adventure!

“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.” Dr. Seuss

We have made it to Ft. Myers!! We intended on getting here on Saturday, but life got in the way for a little bit, so we got here Sunday afternoon! Most of the day today was spent working around the condo, (we had all new windows put in) hanging curtains, buying new curtain rods and supplies, changing locks, assembling new bedside tables etc... Funny, it doesn't seem like work, we work and shop together and it's just part of making our place more like home! 

Here are our new downstairs windows, they are so awesome, there are 2 sets, the center window of each set is a clear view window with no screens and there are sliding windows on either side. He had to rebuild a wall and stuccoed it so we will need to paint next trip, but it just looks amazing, and nearly the whole wall is glass!

We have a full glass door now so Lily can see out too! :)

And we were greeted with our bird of paradise bush blooming

I fixed an early dinner and decided to jump in the car and run to the beach for about an hour. How awesome is that, less than 10 minutes including traffic and lights and I'm at the beach! I decided to go to Bunche Beach here in Ft. Myers for just a mini adventure. Bunche Beach is just across from Sanibel and is mostly mud flats so you can expect to see some of my favorites, rose tellins, kings crowns, angel wings, oysters and all kinds of interesting things. So come along with me on a mini adventure....
We are supposed to have a cold front through tonight and possibly some storms so it was getting pretty windy. 
Sanibel Bridge 

Lots of rocks along the beach
Lots of oysters, and they are all so "frilly"
Kings Crowns are here...
Angel wings too....
A cow strange is this guy? My Dad and I used to catch them when we fished from an old bridge in Panama City when we lived there many years ago. See his 'horns'? (You can click the picture to enlarge it)
A little closer view of this guy....looks angry from this side! 
I believe this monster fish is a grouper!
Kings Crown eggs....
and last but not least.....a pirate ship, didn't expect that!
I couldn't resist taking a video of this little guy....he is called a marbled marsh crab
I picked up a few little minis on my mini adventure...

More tomorrow!




  1. Your windows are stunning! What a view.

    Loved your quick little beach trip.

  2. The windows are awesome! And it looks like Bunche Beach had a few cool things to find, too.

  3. Love the view out your windows! Glad you had a safe trip....the weather is fabulous this week! Love that pirate ship, too. I would love to live closer to the beach....some day! Have fun! Hugs, Diane