Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Birthday April & More Beachy Bling!

Just remember, once you're over the hill you begin to pick up speed. ~Charles Schulz

I want to start out with huge ::Hugs:: to April, Hubby's middle daughter who turns 41 today!! She and her wonderful family live in Queens New York, and have given us 4 amazing Grandbabies! Hailey, Chloe and the twins, Dylan and Ava!!!

April with Dylan
April with Ava
 We hope to be there in early May for some real time, color booking, crafting, reading and major hugging!!! April, I hope this is the bestest birthday yet....enjoy yourself and please know that even if we don't get there very often, we love you and are always thinking about you guys!! See if you can't slow down our babies from growing up so fast!! :)  <3

We worked around the Condo yesterday so decided to hit the afternoon low tide again after an early dinner at Gramma Dot's.  I had some amazing grouper and Hubby had a steak sandwich that was amazing.  No Jess, no key lime pie this time! :(

We went to Gulfside city park and there were so many shell casings! Shells must be like the birds, they 'do their thing' in the spring! They were everywhere!!

These are horse conch shell casings I believe, so hopefully we will see the results of these in the next few years!!

This millipede Sea Star was huge, I 'saved' him twice, going and coming up the beach, I hope he was able to survive!

There were also lots of scallops, both sides....some alive and some had been baked in the sun too long....
Check this one out, sorry it's out of focus, but when I finally back away, notice the eyes along the edge of the shell on the inside! These are amazing, they jump and spit and dance or just chatter like this guy....!!

Here are our finds for yesterday:Lots of pairs

Got both sides of this buttercup lucine!

Since I am a day behind, I will post our trip from today later tonight!  We will be packing up for a trip home in the morning! I will probably add another post with new additions from the decorating department!! :)

Again, Happy Birthday April!

We Love You!!!



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