Thursday, February 20, 2014

Warm Goodbyes & One More Sunrise!

Don't cry because it's over.  Smile because it happened.  ~Theodor Seuss Geisel

One last warm sunrise for me to share with you, then back up north we go!!

It has been a beautiful few days here, very few clouds and warm afternoons with low humidity! Just perfect!!  When Hubby and I went out this morning, we talked about how we adjust our shelling 'techniques' to the there was much more wind and the tides weren't as low, so we wondered how we were going to shell as we walked slowly along the shoreline.  Before we knew it, we 'adjusted' one more time, and were able to find some shells as the small waves would break on the shore...the problem with this type of shelling is you only have one quick glance to see something and grab it....or you would have to wait through 3 or 4 more waves for the water to clear and hope you would spot it again....everything is constantly moving!!

I tried to take a couple of pictures to show you what I mean, picture these constantly moving, mostly smaller shells....

I always worry when I take pictures like this that there will be something spectacular in there that I missed!! :D

We did pretty well anyway!!

Some colorful scallops 
Baby Pear whelks
A Big Babies Ear

And an unknown!! The tip is broken off, but I need to research this of Jess' friends found one of these a long time ago!
The front side of the unknown shell
As we headed back to the car, we ran across some folks flying kites! Check this one out!!

Here is a video of it....funniest looking kite I ever saw...... and Very cool!!
How Awesome is that?!

As we got back to the car, I wanted to take some pics of the beautiful sky with the beautiful palm trees....just to capture the warmth for a little longer!!

I hope you have enjoyed our short trip, and that we have helped you warm up just a bit!! We head back home tomorrow. :(  We will be stopping in North Carolina to celebrate Hubby's Mom's 91st birthday!!!  

We hope to come back here soon, and share some more warmth with you all!! Meanwhile I guess I'll be back to real life with the rest of you! ....Thanks for stopping by!!




  1. I can tell how much you love your impromptu trips to paradise. Safe travels home!

    1. Thanks Kim!! Yes it is nice to just jump in the car and go down no matter when....even if it is 'in season' it doesn't matter because we have a place to stay!! It feels more like home every time!! The problem is it gets harder and harder to leave!!! Great problem to have!!!