Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Warmth and Sunshine to share!!

Today, fill your cup of life with sunshine and laughter.  ~Dodinsky

I hope you all are enjoying these posts as much as I am enjoying sharing them with you...we really aren't doing a whole lot, and the shelling isn't fantastic but the beauty, warmth and relaxation is so good for our souls!!  

Another beautiful sunrise on the gulf this morning, it popped up just as we started on the walkway to the beach, I just did catch it!!
I just realized this trip that we get an extra 10 minutes of daylight down here in Florida!! I never really thought about it, but I will take it and enjoy every second!!! There is your trivia for the day!! :D

I couldn't resist taking pics of what we call the pelican trees! These huge birds stand on these tiny little limbs and stay there to look over the beach! It's really something to see!! Sometimes they are just full of these guys!!

On the way back home, (Ft. Myers Home) we stopped at a beach along the causeway so I could hopefully find some rose tellins...I did find a few...and a little mini adventure!! This part of the beach has a lot of live shells, kings crowns, hermit crabs and lots of oysters! You've heard of the RV parks in Florida?? I found a Hermit Crab park!! I could watch these guys for hours!!

Then I found this....there were several of them!! Not sure what it is, it looks like a baggy going into a hole in the mud.....very strange!!

Like I said....lots of oysters....this next one is a rock, covered in oysters, with 2 live king's crown shells in there hiding...I circled them so you could find them!
Here is a close up of one of them...

I also found this bird was huge....nearly as big as my foot!! Not sure I really want to meet this guy in person!!

I'm ashamed to tell you this, but you will enjoy it as we did when I figured it out!! I found a weird shell was brown and shiny...I brought it home and boiled it with the others, soaked it in a bleach bath, put it out with the rest, and even photographed it, when I went to turn it over and take a pic of the other hit me!!! Can you guess what it is??

A pistachio shell!!! Don't I feel silly!!! :D Well it is a shell, right???

I did find several rose tellins, and some white ones also (I think they are just sun bleached)

We left here and I took some pics on top of the bridge on the causeway....I just love the twinkles in the water from the sunshine!!

And of course our beloved Sanibel lighthouse!!

Like I said, we didn't hit the mother load today shelling, but we did get lots of minis and a few extra special shells, with a little bit of adventure thrown in for good measure!

Hubby found this horse conch....on of my favorites, and my favorite size!!

cool tiny bivalve of some sort!!
Hubby got another angel wing....while digging!! 
We found some King's crowns that weren't alive too....the top one is from the beach at the causeway, the other two are from Sanibel while digging 
Not to be outdone, Hubby got a lace murex too!!
...and a gray king's crown!! 
...and lots of Mini augers
...and a BEAUTIFUL bright orange True Tulip!!

I dug up 2 Baby's Ears...they were side by side under the sand!!
....and 3 tiny Keyhole Limpets all together washing in the surf!!
Another cool tiny bivalve!!

That's all for today....the temperature is 84 degrees and Sunny.....the sky is a beautiful blue....wish you were here!!!




  1. I wish I were there too! Even on a bad day, you 2 do better than I do on most good days. LOL!

    1. Thanks Kim!!! Are you planning a trip down here this year??

  2. Gosh, the weather was beautiful there last week. We were staying on Captiva and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Did a half day trip with Capt Brian that resulted in lots of big whelks with many barnacles. I have a lot of scraping to do! I wish I had the patience to dig like you guys do - you found some nice shells!

    1. Morgan, If you boil them first the barnacles will come off much easier!!! Just let them cool and hit them with a sharp can get most of the that way!!!