Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Fishing Trip!!

There will be days when the fishing is better than one's most optimistic forecast, others when it is far worse.  Either is a gain over just staying home.  ~Roderick Haig-Brown, Fisherman's Spring, 1951

My Dad and I went fishing again yesterday! What a beautiful day it was! It got a little too warm once, but the breeze would pick up a little or a white fluffy cloud would move over the sun and make it just wonderful!  When we started, they (the bass) seemed anxious to take a ride in the boat, but it slowed down in the afternoon.  Even at that we ended up with four (2 each) more Bass for the freezer! I believe we have already done better this year than the entire season last year!!

Daddy with one of his 14" bass

One of those 'bassy' holes I talk about!

Trees and Knees is where the bass have been lately


Looks like someone needed a nap after a meal!!

Bluebird feeding babies in a nest in a tree!

The log where Jess caught her bass...notice the red ribbon at the top for all to see!
 My Dad always refers to our latest 'favorite' place to fish as Castle Cove, the reason for the name is this house that someone built there a couple of years ago....looks like a castle to us noblemen!  Notice the 'bull' tree in the front that I have shown you before!!  This house goes on and on....I don't know what this guy does for a living but it must be illegal!! I would guess it is over 6000 feet of living space, not counting balconies and porches!! 

There are several houses built on these shores that we have fished on over many years, at the risk of sounding like an old dog, it kind of hurts to see these old shores with all these memories taken down and replaced by piers!! Hopefully these people appreciate the view and at least spend some time taking it all in....I have only seen one person at any of these houses actually enjoying it, and she is there on her porch nearly every time!  Everyone needs to sit back from time to time, look around you, no matter where you are and take in the view, and just think for a's good for you!!



  1. When you have a fish fry let me know! Yummmmmmmm!

    Everyone should take some time to just enjoy the scenery :)

  2. That's a GREAT picture of Papa!


  3. Such a cute picture of "Daddy" !