Tuesday, September 24, 2019

An Amazing Adventure of a Different Sort!

I have a few beach pictures from the last couple of days, but today Team Cheri went on a different adventure and I was so excited about it I'll skip to today!

 We went to Bonita Springs to Everglades Wonder Garden! It's an amazing little place, and I highly recommend it! I took sooo many pics, I had to reduce it down to some of my favorites! (I'll save the best of them for last! :) )

The gardens have these amazing flowers all throughout...

Unfortunately they were not named....but aren't they cool?

There are Turtles of every kind....
and of course GATORS!

And all kinds of birds....

Cockatiel... (I was feeding him through a tiny screen)....
Golden Pheasants.... isn't he amazing?!
White Peacocks....this one was doing his little dance while she watched...
'Regular' flamingos...

Cheri got a twofer and fed both a male and female together!

The highlight of the trip were the Flamingos!!! This wasn't physically on my Bucket list, but it should have been!!

They are gorgeous birds!! we got to feed them from our hands!

There was a little girl and her mom there who were extremely nervous to Cheri went over and helped them to see how gentle these giant birds were....
It didn't work, they never did....but they were fascinated!

I got two of them eating out of my hand at the same time!

 The way they drank just fascinated me!!!
The Ibis were trying whenever possible to get the food....Cheri calls them Chickens....and they really do act like them!

How cool was this? Just Awesome!!

We capped the day off by visiting a cool Pottery shop!!! I forgot to take pictures after this one!...Pottery as Art
So many gorgeous things there.....What an awesome little town Bonita Springs is....check it out!  

My trip will be cut short as I have to fly out on Thursday, hopefully there will be at least one more adventure before I go....and I will catch you up, so....

Stay Tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::

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