Sunday, March 31, 2019

Time for Some Therapy!

Time for some much needed Therapy!! It definitely is therapy since Spring is always here in Ft. Myers... though the early spring flowers have began to bloom at home in Virginia, the temperatures have not been very "Springy".  Hubby and I headed down to get our spring a little early, for a couple of weeks anyway! Besides the beautiful blue skies, we had more tropical flowers greet us....this Bottlebrush tree is right out front....

right next to this Hibiscus....
See...don't you feel Springier already??! I know I did....One down side, our wreath on the front door fell and was broken..... 

But it's not like I don't have shells here to replace them and fix it right up....
or if I don't...I'll just have to go out and find some...right?! :)

I did just that! I got up before the sun this morning and headed out for some Beach Therapy! What a beautiful morning it was!
I understand that that is Venus just above the light line, just to the left and down from the Crescent Moon....

I didn't find much, but still enjoy the walk! 

I did find a nice little Baby's ear as soon as I walked out to the water....hidden in the red algae...
I walked for a bit and decided to head to the lighthouse for Sunrise.....I just missed it!!

But still awfully beautiful! I found another Baby's ear there along with a tiny Lace Murex....and that's it!! What a beautiful morning though!!

....Have I mentioned that I love it here?! Here is my view as I type this blog...

....."just don't get no better than this!!"

Stay tune, Shellcrafters tomorrow and maybe a little Beach Therapy before that!


  1. Thank you..We got another foot of snow on Saturday. I could use some beach time.

    1. Oh no, Val! Don’t love the snow! Sounds like you need to plan a trip south...soon! I’ll try to keep you warm! ;)

  2. What a lovely view from your window. Loved seeing the lighthouse sunrise pictures.

    It's cold in KY today - 29 degrees. I'm ready for it to start warming up.

    1. You need to head south, Kim! You guys have really had the cold weather! I think YOU need some beach therapy! :)