Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sneaking out at Sunrise...

I did get out this morning just as the sun rose.....unfortunately I was on the opposite side of the island at Captiva.....
 Looking back at Blind Pass, I wondered if I should have checked that out first, the water was calm, and appeared to be very clear! But no....I wanted to pick up some more Coquinas, and some Kittens paws for a craft I'm going to be working on....Yes, I know, Blind Pass has Kittens paws too.....hmmmm
 As I walked onto the beach at Captiva I saw these two Bald Eagles having breakfast! How awesome are they....just amazing Birds!
 Though I tried to give them plenty of room, they flew off as I slowly walked by...
 I started gathering the Coquinas in about the same area where I had on Sunday....and found this near perfect Flat!
 ...and this's one of the biggest one I have seen....far from perfect, but it came home in my bag anyway!
I found this perfect little Bittersweet and a False Angel Wing....I don't think I've found one here before....that's the thing about this beach...'like a box of chocolates, ya never know what you're gonna get!'
 Once again, I felt like I needed to get back and get ready to head back North....and as I walked across the bridge, there was a huge group of Manatee swimming under the bridge!!!
Just for your imformation.... A group of Manatee are know as an Aggregration!
I was still toying with the idea of spending a little time at Blind pass....but I got in the car and headed back....almost turned around as I passed another entrance to it.....I guess, now I regret it.... Oh well....I will be back, soon, I hope!

I did okay, found more Coquina and Kittens Paws, and don't forget the Flats and another small piece of sea glass....turquoise this time! about an hour, not too bad!
I may post again soon....Stay tuned! Now I get to fly home to 55 degrees and rain! :(  I promise I will never complain of the heat!!!

I still wonder....should I have walked Blind pass?????

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Thanks, Cheri! That is so cool that you saw 2 bald eagles at Blind Pass. And that is a fun fact about an aggregation of manatees :) Hope you make it back soon...less than a month for me now!

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