Monday, September 25, 2017

Still Here!

Yep, we're still here in Florida! We actually moved on Saturday from our paradise on the beach of Sanibel to OUR paradise, just off of the beach in Ft. Myers! We headed down to Florida a couple of weeks ago, expecting the worst and ended up enjoying the best! We got a Vacation in a Vacation! A week on the island! But there is no place like home! We have restocked our fridge, and I have spent the last two days cleaning shells from the last weeks adventures!  

But I digress...our last adventure, last Thursday, Cheri and I had a few minutes to spend at the beach (3 hours) so we went on a long walk to see what we could find... The water was pretty clear...
The shelling wasn't crazy, but we were pretty steadily picking things up... today was going to be an Orange kind of day...We each found a Carrier Shell, along with some tiny Horse Conchs, a tiny Cantharus, & Orange Scallops and Jingles.
I also found a tiny Marginella....
Cheri, The Flat whisperer, found another awesome Flat!!
We came upon a small little area with a group of shells, and we just sat down and sifted through the shells.....we both did pretty well there! Cheri Found 3 Alphabet Coned, 3 Nutmegs, a DARK Lace Murex, 5 Florida Conchs and 2 Olives...these were just her favorites!!

 I didn't do too badly either...Some of the treasures I found were Olives, a Helmet piece, 3 Florida Cones and 3 Alphabets, along with some Worm shells....
Check out this HUGE Olive Cheri found!...
 This is the dark Lace Murex....what a Beauty it is!

 She also found a Goldie Lace Murex on the walk back!! So unusual!
She spotted a Flat that she gave to me, and I found this unusual colorful Scallop....

 This was Cheri's last trip, as she had to head home, but will be back in a few days....All in All, I'd say it was a pretty good day!

Ok, all the shells are cleaned up...Today was spent at Shellcrafters, so tomorrow I'm going back at it, I only have a few days left....wish me luck, and Stay tuned!!

::Shelllady Hugs::