Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Rest of the Story, The Therapy Continued....

The last few days of therapy have been just that, therapy.  I tried early morning at sunset (which is my favorite time for beach therapy), but fairly near high tide....

I tried middle of the day, lots of folks, little lower tide, but lots of wind and murky water....

I found a few small little treasures, and several 'craft' shells... like this little beauty...
I met up with a Shellinator Shelling buddy of mine, (Whose name is also Cheri)! She came in last weekend and we tried other beaches, like Blind Pass and West Gulf, they both had very clear water, and the weather was beautiful! We had a great time and a long early morning walk on these beautiful beaches.

The rest of the time, the shelling wasn't fantastic, but it's always great therapy! 

I did get pretty lucky with the 'flats' (Flat Scallops) this time, I only had found 2 ever and left with several more and lots of pieces!

Cheri and I both found several small shark's eyes, (the quarter is there to show size)...These guys will always be special to me! 

There were also a few small dead sand dollars along the high tide line...
....a first for me at Sanibel was some sea glass!..and a couple of small keyhole limpets...

and a Bittersweet clam shell, (orange shell in center) which we rarely find at Sanibel, they are mostly on the east coast of Florida...

I did find a piece of a Junonia,(spotted piece in center) which is fairly rare and highly sought after...I have yet to find a whole one, but Hubby has!
 I can never resist the colorful little scallops, so many color variations, I just love them!

We have left our paradise in Florida and are home now, back to real life and business as usual, but I still have a couple more posts of pics from this trip!  

Stay tuned!!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Thanks for the sanibel therapy. I needed that!

  2. Hi Cheri! Just found your blog this week and I've read every one of your posts! Love it, thanks for sharing. What is your process to clean your shells and make them look so beautiful?

    1. Thank you for stopping by Sharon! I rinse the shells, put them in cool water in a pan and boil them, turn it off when they start to boil. Cool them a bit, and add clorox for 5-10 minutes, then rinse again. Put them out to dry, and then coat them with a clear spray! Thanks for reading all my posts, I plan to post in the next day or so, if you would like a reminder when I post, just enter your email at the top right of my blog, and you will receive an email any time I post!! Thanks again for your kind words!!....and Welcome!