Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Live-ly Shark's Eyes

The shelling has not been great the last few days as the low tides are after dark, and this girl doesn't do after dark alone!  I decided to head out today right before noon to see how it looked.  

It was very nice, a little bit of chop in the surf, just enough to make it difficult to see. I did manage to find some more Live Shark's eyes (Moon Snail) which makes a total of 5 I have found this trip.  That's pretty rare for me, I can only remember of 1 other time I've found one live!

This guy I found when I scooped up some sand where I felt something under my foot in the water
I couldn't resist taking a couple of videos of him!....Please pardon the shaky camera, it was really hard to see in the camera in the bright sunshine....enjoy!
I guess I should have washed him off a bit, I just love these guys!! <3

There was one area where these guys were, and there were also 2 live lettered olives burrowing in... Here is one of them up close...

Only a few more days left, I hope to have a real shelling report one of these days soon...Stay Tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::

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