Friday, March 20, 2015

Sunset at Bunche Beach.

This will be a fairly short post, as I opted to stay in bed this morning so I wasn't at Sanibel for the sunrise.  I did however get my beach fix and the sunset at Bunche Beach in Ft. Myers.  It's about 5 minutes or so from our house.  Bunche is on a mud flat, so the shells we find here are different then most of the ones on Sanibel. I usually see lots of live shells, crabs....and a lot of neat stuff!!

This is a tiny horseshoe crab, they were everywhere, moving about in the mud.  Most of them were covered in the mud and you could just see the trail they would leave when they moved. This one is a little larger than a quarter and very colorful!
 Kings Crowns are another thing you see lots of on the mud flats, These 4 kings crowns seem to be feasting on this minnow?! Not sure what the story is here....

This beautiful Kings Crown is live, you can see his black 'tail' sticking out the end of the shell.  I love these, they are beautiful when they have their spines intact!

As promised I got sunset pics, it happened so fast! I am always amazed how rapidly it 'falls' from the sky! It is equally as beautiful as the sunrise.  The bridge you see in the pic is the causeway bridge to Sanibel!

....and just like that, this day is done.  

Shelling at Bunche was very thin as it has been on Sanibel. Tomorrow is our last day, I will post the pics of this weeks shells, and hopefully have some new adventures to share.   Stay tuned!



  1. WOW those sunset pics are amazing! I love Bunche Beach! We went there for the first time last August, and I can't wait to go back!

    1. Thanks Moira! When do you get to come back down here?