Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My World has Changed!

Most of you know that our youngest daughter Jess has been pregnant! We knew it was a boy, and until a few days before he was born, we affectionately called him "Kiwi" as his name was a secret. (Read the original story here).

The forecast in the Blue Ridge Mountains called for a pretty significant snow storm, so I headed out to their house about 4 days before the due date so I could make sure I would make it.  Kiwi decided he would wait....and wait, through several more snow storms and COLD temperatures! 

A few days before Kiwi came, since both Brad's Dad and I were there, Brad and Jess decided to announce to us his name.  They took us into the nursery and had the name on the wall! Kiwi was named after Brad's Grandfather, Joseph, and Jess' Grandfather (My Dad) Harvey.  What an honor!! I was amazed at how emotional I instantly became....

Brad's Dad, Bob; Brad, Jess and Me!
Here is Jess at 40 weeks, on February 20th.
After quite a delay and several snow storms, our Grandson Joseph Harvey made his entrance on March 2, at 9:22 pm.  He weighed in at 6 lbs 11 ounces and a whopping 20-1/2 inches long!!

Again....I became emotional! I knew Jess was all grown up, she has been married an living over 300 miles away for nearly 7 years!! But something came over me when I saw "MY BABY" with a baby!! Everything changed for me at the moment he was born.  I was right there when he came, and yet I still could not believe it. My heart must have grown at least 2 sizes. 
He turned toward her when she started talking to him, and as she talked to him and stroked him, he gently fell asleep!
<3  So Very Sweet! <3

So bear with me, as a member of the Gammaw Club, you will have to endure the many pictures of the newest member of this wonderful family!

Look at these adorable tiny feet...
Gammaw with Little Joseph!

There isn't a prouder Daddy!
After a couple of days, during yet ANOTHER snow storm, they got to bring Joseph home to meet the rest of the family.....2 cats, Hero and Otto, and Gwen Dog!
He is already wearing bow ties...."making Daddy proud" as Jess says.

And just like that, a BEAUTIFUL family is born!
I reluctantly had to get back to 'real life' and say goodbye, but hopefully I will be returning soon!
Here he is at a week old, he has already changed!!!
So Sweet!!



  1. Congrats to all of you. He is truly a beautiful baby. Love his name - such an honor. Your dad would be so proud.

    Wow - now what do you do??? Visit Sanibel or Joseph? That's gonna be a hard choice. :-)

    1. I know!! Was 'scheduled' to go back next week. Hubby was headed to Florida....Jess told me yesterday to go to Florida....not sure if it is for her or for me!! ;) So stay tuned!

  2. Congratulations! He sure is a "cutie pie! Love the pics with his family name painted on the wall, too! You look so natural, Gammaw!!

    1. Thanks Moira....I couldn't be prouder!!

  3. Congrats on that adorable, smooshy, new addition. :)

    1. Thanks Morgan! (Love the Smooshy)!!