Monday, October 6, 2014

Birthday Trip Week Day #3

It has been another BEAUTIFUL day in paradise.  First, let me show you the 'cleaned up' shell finds from yesterday....already this trip has shown us many more shells than last time!
My Finds
Hubby's Finds
The Beautimus Lighting Whelk I dug up!
My Favorite...Horse Conchs
Hubby found this Beautiful Shark's Eye (some call it a Moon Snail) This was also my Dad's favorite Shell....we thank him every time we find one!!
Hubby also found this beautifully colored Apple Murex
We took two walks today around our neighborhood, I sure could live down here and take that walk everyday! :)

Hubby had to do some more work, how about this for an office view!!?!
Today was another evening low tide so we headed out well before the low tide, starting again at Gulfside has consistently been the go to place for shelling! 

The gooey balls were there, but not nearly as much as yesterday.  Pam Rambo from says they are dead sea squirts....another strange phenomenon that happens with nature.  Sanibel has had many of these type of things happen.  Today, along with the gooey balls....we had millions of bubble shells along the shore! I have never seen so many!

The shells were rolling up with the slow chop of the waves, and you had to move fast to catch them....what fun it was!
I also did some digging today and that paid off pretty well. Will post pics tomorrow, was dark by the time we got home and had dinner. Which by the way was takout from one of our favorite restaurants on the island, Sanibel fish house...Hubby had the oyster basket and I had the shrimp basket, sitting at the same table as Hubby's office...dinner with a view!! :D

Lowest tides tomorrow are at sun-up so will shift gears tomorrow, and have double shells to clean and show pics of...wish us luck!!

On our way back to the car, I couldn't resist taking this video of this little guy in a tidal pool a new definition to the term sun bathing .....sorry about the shakiness....enjoy!!




  1. Your shells cleaned up so nicely! That is a really nice whelk! Did you scoop up a bunch of bubbles?
    Have fun at super low tide tomorrow. Can't wait to see pics!

    1. No I didn't Moira....not really sure why I didn't....was just in awe of them all and realized later I didn't take any!!! I'm excited to see how we do this morning!!

  2. Great whelk but the shark eye is my fav!!

    1. Thanks Kim, I'll tell the Hubby, he'll be even prouder!! :)