Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Lily!!!!

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. ~Anatole France

Today Lily is 2 years old!! Can you believe it?? This video was a year ago!! Time passes so quickly and her birthday just helps to show us how fast!! It seems like yesterday when Hubby, Jess, Brad and I went over and chose her over several other puppies, we had narrowed it down to 2, and Lily was the one to win us over! She weighed 1 lb 1 oz!! The smallest puppy I have ever seen!!

With her new Daddy, the day we got her!
On the way to her new home! Notice the crossed paws...she still does that!!
She was already crate trained when we got her so we bought her a crate of her is still where she goes to feel safe!!

 She has been with us to so many places and travels so well, adjusts very quickly to the new place!! She is our heart and dearly loved by the whole family! 

Here she is with my Dad!
Even Nana enjoys her!!
With her Sissy on the way to Nana's for her first Christmas!!
With Mama in the courtyard of her new apartment!
Working with her Daddy!
With her Great Aunt Jan!!
Cuddling with her Daddy....can you see her??
She has meant so much to us! She weighs less than 4 pounds still but she is such a big part of our hearts!  

She even tailgates with us at Virginia Tech! Go Hokies!!

Here she is with her Niece Gwen! (Jess and Brad's newest family member) 
Here she is today in one of her favorite places...looking out the front door!!

Happy Birthday Lily!!!! <3




  1. She is the cutest! Happy Birthday Lily!

  2. Happy birthday. Gosh she is the cutest little thing. How is she on the beach?

    1. She loves to collect sticks and chew on them under the umbrella, don't keep her out there too much though, it's too hot!! Can't do any serious shelling with her yet!

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