Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Negative Lows at the Lighthouse!

 Today was the lowest tide this cycle and I couldn't resist the opportunity to head out before the low just to see the sunrise....

There's nothing like a Sanibel Sunrise....or Sunset for that matter. My trip is quickly coming to an end, and these last few days always seem to fly by. Have I mentioned that I love this place?! It's so beautiful, and a bit of a chill in the 'Fallish'...Perfect for some Therapy!

This guy greeted me first thing!! He was extremely protective of his rock!

I can't visit without taking at least a few pictures of this special Lighthouse....

This morning was a little different shelling, but as always.... very fun!

As I mentioned, it was a really low tide....

There was an area where the tidal pool was draining into the gulf..

..I strolled up on where the two met and started picking up a few little treasures... Like this BEAUTIFUL True Tulip....

Then I found this Gaudy Nautica, 2 Nutmegs, a nice Olive for Sheila...and a Huge Shark's eye from Dad!!
I walked up the stream of water to the top at the tidal pool

and found a few this live Spiny Jewelbox

The water was rushing through this stream so fast it would slowly wash away the sand along the edge, and more treasures would be uncovered....I couldn't resist several of these Lightning Whelks....

and quite a few more Olives for Sheila!

As I was walking back and forth along this stream, I met Sue from Minnesota....she was also following along looking for treasures....I continued on down along the shoreline and was on my way back when Sue came up to me with the biggest smile on her face....the stream had uncovered this amazing beauty....a PERFECT Horse Conch!
 Look at that beautiful orange shining thruough!! I had to get the lighthouse in the background!
She was very Happy with her capture!!...and I was so happy for her!!
I saw a little boy....about 6 or 7 years old snag a nice Alphabet Cone out of the stream also....I could of stayed there all day....Banded Tulips, Olives, and of course Fighting Conchs galore!! I've gotten kinda so I won't pick up everything....I already have too many....but what fun!!
Hopefully I will have another trip or two before we leave....

Stay Tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs:

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  1. Hi Cheri, this is Sue from MN! Thanks for the advice and pix. My horse conch is cleaning up beautifully. The small barnacles came off easily. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to keep any of the periostracum or clean completely. So nice meeting you and hunting in that unique tidal stream.