Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Today is going to be a busy day, but I made sure I grabbed a little bit of time on the beach before the day started...

 Just walking along the beach in the morning means so much to one lady told me this morning...."It's a Blessed Day".

Of course I had to wear my Halloween Garb, even if I am on the beach!

 I saw more live shells like these 2 moon snails

 Another lightning whelk, this guy had more than just his tip out...

 I did find one that wasn't live rolling in the surf!
as well as this key hole limpet....Our daughter Jess always finds these so I couldn't help but think of her with this one...

Hubby always picks up a turkey this one's for him!

The water was just clear and beautiful....You could see for miles!
A shelf had developed at the high tide line...I always wonder what is buried in there...
I spotted this guy.... a banded tulip...

But he wasn't all there....

I did find this Operculum (the trap door for a large whelk or Conch) He had to be a pretty big one for a door that large.
....I did find something I have never found before, does anyone know what shell this is? :)
After an hour and a half or so, it was time to head over and work with the Sanibel Shell ladies....such fun! I can't wait until I can make the beautiful things that they do! ....I'll save that for another post!

Stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. I believe that last one is a lightning mcwhelk......related to the more popular lightning whelk but much less uncomfortable to step on. Great can even see the moon snail's little antennae! And it's too bad you didn't find whatever shell that massive operculum came from!!


    1. I wish I had thought of the Lightning McWhelk when I posted...very nice!! :) I really would have liked to have found the owner of the operculum, found another one today....much smaller!!