Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Feeling Determined!

Avid shellers know that, some days, they’ll come away with nothing but a lesson in patience and perseverance.  Other days, their faith will be rewarded with more than they ever hoped for. ~ Unknown

First, let me show you pics of our finds from the last two nights at Bunche Beach. It wasn't a huge amount, but we did find some nice Kings Crowns.  Notice that they are all about the same size! Kind of unusual I would think.

Here are all of our finds....

Jess winds the grand prize for the last 2 nights with a grand total of 7 Kings Crowns!!
Brad came in second with 3, check out those spines on that first one!!

I brought up the rear with one and a tiny!

I need to get some muratic acid to really bring out the beauty in these guys, so will have to post pics of the final products later on!

Today we finally completed all of our obligations, AC people came and fixed the AC, and we had to hang out at the house because we were expecting some new furniture to be delivered.  Finally Hubby can get out of the house!! :)  We decided to go to Sanibel Fish house for an early dinner, then head out to Gulfside park for some shelling....The food was wonderful, as usual, but that cannot be said for the shelling!  Very quickly we could see that there was not a lot out there! I couldn't even find a scallop worth keeping!!  Brad loves to dig, so he tried hitting the shallows and digging...with very little luck.

It just appeared to be a dreary day with a very empty beach!

While we were at dinner Jess saw a post from Pam of saying that shells seemed to be coming in at Blind Pass, at the time they were just kittens paws but we decided it was worth a try!  None of us have had much luck at Blind Pass before, and don't go very often, but Brad had mentioned he would like to we did! 

When we got there, the first thing Brad did was climb down the rocks on the Captiva side to the water below...he just wanted to dig!  In just a few seconds he came up with a SCOTCH BONNET!! 
That was enough for us! I hesitated because I am somewhat challenged with climbing so I took my time, first Jess made her way down there, then Hubby!! He rarely gets into the water!!

Jess found a scotch bonnet piece and I found a piece of a Lions Paw! My first!!  Unfortunately that was about it, there were millions of kittens paws, and turbans, but little else.  Hubby came out before too long and Jess and I followed him pretty quickly....but Brad stuck with it!!

We hadn't even notice the sign until we got out!! ..OOPS!
The other sign says "No swimming, Dangerous current"! But it was only thigh deep or so so other than bouncing around some while digging, it wasn't bad. But was not very plentiful.... except for a Scotch Bonnet for Brad...which is awesome!! He had just mentioned this morning that he would like to find one someday!! Today was his day! I will post pics tomorrow after they are cleaned up!!

Tomorrow, another adventure...stay tuned!!




  1. Awesome finds. I climbed all over those rocks last May and never found anything. Congrats on that scotch bonnet!

    1. Thanks Kim, I am really happy for him!

  2. Congrats on those beautiful kings crowns! I have a bad case of shell envy!! And congrats on the Scotch Bonnet!!

    1. Thanks Moira, be persistent, I'm sure you will get at least one Kings Crown at Bunche Beach when you all come down!!