Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Alphabet cone sort of day,...

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.  ~John Muir

We got out by sun-up again this morning and it was such a beautiful day!! It was another very low tide, which gave us lots of opportunities to shell the beach, sandbar and tidal pools! Hubby and I started out along the shoreline and ended up sifting through groups of pen shells in the tidal pools....what treasures they had....even live red (?) shrimp!! I didn't think about the fact that I had the waterproof camera in my pocket so I could have gotten some really neat pics!! I got so involved that I missed the sunrise!! :)  You can tell we were having fun!!

...Sorry I digressed!  While we were going through the shells, I mentioned that we had not found an alphabet cone in a long time.  Less than 5 minutes later, I turned around and laying right there at the bottom of the tidal pool was a beautiful Alphabet cone...and it was a biggie!! A few minutes later, hubby got one!!  I tried then to mention lots of other hard to find shells, Junonia, Lions Paw, Scotch Bonnet....but it didn't work, they didn't turn up!!

After we had finished searching the tidal pool we slowly made our way down the shoreline and I recognized a voice, it was Pam Rambo from I Love Shelling! And believe it or not, she remember me and Hubby, even our names and that we are from her home state of Virginia!! She even called me Shelllady!! I thought that was really neat!! She was making a video showing that she had also just found an alphabet cone!! So I was on her video for her blog!! A few minutes later she was talking to a girl from Seattle who also had just picked one up!!  Pam took pictures of all of our cones together and will post them, as well as the video....I will post a link to it here when she posts it!! Talk about coincidence! It was all very spooky!! Then on our walk back to the condo, I found ANOTHER Alphabet!! Obviously we had another great day shelling!!
This is a hermit crab in a banded tulip, he just sat there following me with his eyes in the bottom of the tidal pool....and he kept waving at me!!
Hubby's Alphabet Cone
My Alphabet cones
Today's shells part 1
Today's shells part 2
I found this Awesome Pear Whelk among those penshells!!
Apple Murex and Scallops
Lightning Whelks, Nutmegs, banded tulips and a pretty orange true tulip
Pam posing shells in the lady's hand for a photo opportunity!
How about this for a first I have a picture of Pam Rambo on MY Blog!! It's like running into a celebrity!! She is to us!! :)

After shelling, we came in and had some breakfast in the condo and Cabana boy Hubby setup the chairs and umbrella on the beach for the afternoon.  While we were there, we got to witness several dolphin feeding up against the was very impressive, and I couldn't catch it on video or still, as it was also so sparatic, let me tell you it was fun to watch!!
This was the best I could do with the dolphin was just too fast!!

We went to dinner at Gramma Dots, I had the fried Grouper and hubby had the popcorn shrimp caesar salad and of course we shared a piece of there absolutely wonderful key lime pie!!

We came back in time to see another glorious sunset!

Only one more morning left of sunrise shelling :( I anticipate we will be spending a lot of time at the beach so I will have at least one more entry before we head back home!! Enjoy!!




  1. Omg Cheri....soooo jealous!!!! :-D

    What great shells. I can only hope I have such good shelling like you have had when I go in January!

    I clicked on your shell pictures and then enlarged it..cyber nutmegs, especially the big one

  2. Oops...didnt mean to post yet...

    I love the little candy corns. I dont find many of them. The pear welk is beautiful and no t broken! Nice find! Such large scallops undamaged too. Oh and the moon shells and of course the beautiful cones!! I can go on and on, they are all so great. I just cant wait for my trip I am so excited!

    Pam meets so many people, how she remembers people like she does is amazing. I would never be able to remember that many people like she does. Its cool that you have her on your blog and probably today she will have you on hers!!! Lol...too cool!!!!

    Great reports...I know your time is almost up. Enjoy your last day! Weather here at home isnt so bad. Not warm and sunny but its not snowing either!

    Thanx Cheri and you guys travel safely getting back home!!!

    1. Traci- Pam and I actually talked about you! She is looking forward to meeting you in January!! She amazes me how she remembered me, but she says when she learns something personal about someone, like on my blog, it helps! After your trip in January you'll have some personal connection with her too!!

      It cooled off here today and is overcast, I guess it's preparing us for home :(!!

      I'm glad you have enjoyed my posts, I always enjoy coming in and getting a reply!! Today was another good day!!

  3. Such great shells - you always do SO good. I wish I could go shelling with you some time. Nice that you ran into Pam - everyone just loves her as she is the sweetest thing. What is your favorite time of year to shell on Sanibel?

    1. Kim--Maybe we can meet here one day and shell together, I think that would be great!! I could get some pointers from you on geocaching!!

      November is probably my favorite, the weather is so perfect, and it's not so crowded!! But anytime will work for me !! I'm hooked!! :D

  4. So happy for y'all that the "real" shells are rolling in. Those sand bars are the best. Pam is a sweetheart and always fun to hang out with. Enjoy the rest of your vaca & post lots of pics.