Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

"The evening breeze, caressed the trees...murmusly!" ~Klu Hoggard

I believe this is during the engagement!
Today is my Mom and Dad's 58th Wedding Anniversary!! Just think back over 58 years and imagine how things have changed!! Add to that vision that my Dad was a fighter pilot in the Air Force for 28+ years and Mom and I moved with him every time he had to relocate!! Oh the things they have seen!! It all started with a blind date in Wichita Kansas and ended up here!!  What an eventful life they have had together!!
January 8th, 1954, Wichita Kansas

Honeymoon, Panama City Florida
This was back before cross-dressing was cool! Squadron party ~1964

Love this pic!

Visiting their favorite Granddaughter at Virginia Tech!! Go Hokies!!

50th Anniversary!
I am privileged to have shared at least part of those years with you!! I love you both very much!! Congratulations on 58 years!......Here's to the next 58!!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!



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  1. Wow - what an impressive milestone. Best wishes and blessings for many more!