Thursday, September 21, 2023

Low Tide Beach Therapy

 I've been on several trips to the beach the last few days, I haven't found anything special, was chased out a few times by rain and/or thunderstorms or the dreaded "Noseeums"! For those of you who are not familiar with them, they are tiny little gnat like bugs that like to bite, some, like me, not usually. I know I'm blessed, but sometimes they're bad for everyone! I understand they seem much worse since Ian came through, hopefully they will go back where they came from when things dry out and cool off in the fall! 

Jolene and I decided to try Fort Myers Beach again, as we didn't have much luck on Sanibel the last couple trips. Low tide was to be at 10 am, so we got there before 9, there was a slight breeze, (which helps keep the noseeums away) and it was a bit overcast...Perfect!! The entrance to the beach from the parking lot looked like a post card!!

How inviting is that??!

It was a nice quiet beach, and the sand bars were already coming out!

We both instantly had a good feeling about it! Even if we don't find any treasures, how nice a walk it will be! Right?!

The starfish were just laying around enjoying the gulf like we were!

This one was on the beach out of the water, I'm not sure he was enjoying it so much, so I gave him a lift to the tidal pool after his photo op!

This is the 'bone' (inside spiral) of  a Horse Conch... Maybe, I think, Look at the size of this! 

There were so many of these Jewel Box pairs....I passed by so many, I finally decided to pick up some as I could probably use them in a craft that I've been doing in Shellcrafters....

Some of them have a beautiful pink inside these, (along with a Lettered Olive in this pic)

Wouldn't they look good on something like one of these?

So I kept several....

I found this unusual colored Lightning Whelk and a True Tulip, which is one of my favorites....

Jolene was doing well also, she picked up a couple Horse Conchs....

and some Alphabet Cones! Which we haven't found here before!!

After snapping this pick, I turned around and this beautiful Alphabet cone rolled up in a wave! SCORE!

Check out the size of this Lettered Olive! It's perfect!(Notice the Sand dollar also)

Jolene got one too....and a Sand Dollar!

Another Lightning Whelk, a Fall colored Nutmeg and another Cone for me!

This is a bit of an unusual find, we call them Freak shells (out of the ordinary) This is a knobless Fighting Conch...(sorry it's out of focus!) in the picture below it is a 'standard' Fighting Conch'

Do you see the difference?!

I found what I thought was a nice True Tulip, but he was home and connected to this live Banded Tulip....See the differences in the two shells?
The True Tulip is the one in my hand (bottom), the Banded Tulip is on the Top, between them is the 'door' or operculum that is connected to the snails body and used to close them in the shell for protection. No comment on what is going on here, not sure if it's dinner time or porn time!! :)

I walked back up the beach to pick up something we left down there, and Jolene picked me up further down, this is the view from that parking area! So Pretty! 

Like Sanibel, Fort Myers Beach was hit so hard, and they are working so hard to get back to the new Normal. There are big improvements in both places every where you look, but you can also still see a lot of destruction. Many prayers to all!!

This was my take home for the day....Not bad for a couple hours of beach therapy!

Stay Tuned for more Adventures!

::Shelllady Hugs::

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