Friday, September 25, 2020

Shelling and Bird Nerding

Can you believe it? Two posts in two days! I wanted to update as our trip is growing to a close and it might be a while before I post least about Shelling in Florida!

The shelling has improved quite a bit in the last few days...or at least I've been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time! These are some of the best...

and These are my favorites from the group! (Cheri found that Huge Shark's eye!)

From the left, Shark's eye, Alphabet cone with two orange scallops above, Lace Murex, Gaudy Nautica above the lace, then a Tiny Bright orange True Tulip, and another perfect Horse Conch! 

The color on that Lace Murex is beautiful, They are usually white with a little pink tip!

A trip to the mud flats at Bunche Beach scored me some Sunray Venus, a beautiful Pear Whelk and 3 Kings Crowns (center)

Not only did I pick up shells, I am learning from the 'Bird Nerd' many different types of birds, many on their Migration journey and are 
stopping by here for a visit! Cheri gets pictures of their tags and can see where they are coming from. Some are even from near my other home in Virginia!

This is an Oyster Catcher (I'm counting on Cheri to keep me straight with this info!) ;)

The lighting is a bit better in this pic...
This is a Marbled Godwit
...a Little Blue Heron...
and these adorable little guys are Sanderlings...(That's a Willet in the back and a Rudy Turnstone in the front with the dark wings.)
We see so many cool things on the beaches we visit....this is a Moon's very large...look closely...
These tiny little Dog Whelks seem to be having him for lunch!!!

These 3 Kings Crowns are having a Sunray Venus for lunch!!
I love to see the live shells almost as much as the empty ones.....I snap a pic and we put them back...Here is a Live Lightning Whelk....

and a live King's Crown....

While shelling & watching the birds...we keep an eye on the sky....

Check out this perfect 'hole' in the center of this thunderstorm!!! 

Another trip has almost come to an end, I've packed up shells to take back to paint and hopefully will bring them back in a month or so to hide them on the looks like I've got my work cut out for me!! 

These days, we don't leave the house much so this keeps me sane!! Stay Safe! ...Until the next post!

::Shelllady Hugs::


Thursday, September 24, 2020

A Synopsis

 I'm sorry that I have been lax in my posting this trip. The shelling hasn't been great but I have had a few little adventures....and there is always the BEAUTIFUL Sunrises and Sunsets...and the wildlife never disappoints! Most of the low tides were in the evening, and that is generally when we do our 'Walk and Talks' but I did get to the Lighthouse for the sunrise a couple of mornings. 

(These pelicans decided to photobomb my picture!) :) I love these guys!  

The lighthouse is normally my place to go to see a beautiful sunrise, wildlife and birds... sometimes shells and nice walk on a nice flat beach. 

This trip I've seen some cool stuff....Like this Calico Crab...I love these little guys...

Since (then Tropical Storm) Sally came by we had a weekend of rain...(13 inches reported on Sanibel) and some pretty strong brought in some interesting things

A Live Angel Wing!....this is an unusual sight as they usually bury themselves deep in the mud...

We also saw a few of these Sea Cucumbers (I think) up on the beach

I believe this guy is called a Lesser Puffer fish...sadly, he didn't make it....
and lots of Moon Jellies all over the beach....Cheri and I spent a lot of time putting them in the water and flipping them right side up! These guys are really big!!! 

I did find a few special shells.... Love those Flats!!! (Zig-Zag Scallops)

I picked up all these Wentletraps in one spot!!! 
I love the minis....these are from another trip!
I absolutely love these Atlantic Winged Oysters...the inside is Mother of pearl iridescent...impossible to photograph!! This one was live, so he went back into the gulf...the first live one I have found!
I did find one Alphabet far!  This is as you see it? Always look for spots!
Not a great point on it, but of course I kept it!

and who can resist the Orange Scallops?...not me!!
Another favorite is a Gaudy Nautica....Just look at the colors on this guy! Cheri Picked this one's perfect!

On one of our 'Walk and Talks' we saw a pod of Manatee...These are such awesome creatures....and HUGE!! 

Many years ago, Jess and I took a trip down here to Florida and we actually swam with them! It was awesome...and pretty scary at first since they are so very large, but they are gentle giants, but I would never get too close to them in the wild. If you see them, just look, don't try to touch them or hamper them!

I did have a one great day shelling....Here are the highlights!!
That's a gorgeous Horse Conch, a Baby Scotch Bonnet !! and a nice Lace Murex!! The Horse Conch is soaking in bleach water and is cleaning up very nicely!... Look at that gorgeous color!!! 

(BTW, that is an Atlantic Winged Oyster right next to it in this picture, and you can barely see that Iridescent inside!)

Besides the beach walks, I have pretty much remained home, making a trip now and then to the grocery store and a couple trips to Sanibel Shellcrafters...It's different since we have to maintain the distance and wear masks....but still fun...I made a few of these puppy dogs from local shells...aren't they cute??

I also have been painting....and hiding more has become addicting and Great therapy!  Our trip is quickly coming to a close, we are heading to our other home in only a few days, I intend on posting again before we leave so stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::

PS....Let me leave you with one of the Beautiful Sunsets of Sanibel...


Friday, September 11, 2020

Fall Beach and Shell Painting Therapy!

Hi all! I hope this post finds you well and adjusting to the new way of doing business...i.e quarantine! Hubby and I have stayed home, just trips to the store as needed and I've learned how to be a housewife! I worked full time, so was never home enough to do that! I'm kinda like this!! This housewife and househubby needed a break so we headed down to our place in Fort Myers for some R&R!

Let me start out with a Beautiful Sunset!

 Haven't been for a Sunrise yet, but it's coming....

The shelling has not been great, but you know how I am, the beach therapy is! I've only been able to go every other day, due to afternoon the last couple of days Team Cheri has gone earlier. There are a couple of small storms...The weather Channel calls them Invests that we should get this coming weekend which hopefully may stir things up a bit, hopefully improving the shelling.

Team Cheri did take a quick trip out looking for Wentletraps...(We call it Wentling) and it was somewhat successful...

I put the penny in there to show sizes...I LOVE the minis! (I forgot to take pics of Cheri's finds)

As usual, every time we go out, we have a little bit of an adventure....Cheri found these eggs...I believe they are Octopus eggs! How cool is that? These haven't fully developed yet, and we don't know if they are still thriving, but we have found them when you could actually see them inside!
We always like to see live stuff during our walks, here is a Live Sunray Venus...
...and a live Lightning Whelk and Sand Dollar!

Most of my time in Virginia, (and a lot of time here) has been spent painting shells and, as we call it, sprinkling them on the island! I came down with 2 boxes full I had painted since last trip...over 200 shells!!

This week I started getting ready for Halloween...and what fun!! I know, I know, it's a bit early...but I won't be here then!!
Here are a few I have been working on!

A Mumingo!!

So fun, and Highly Theraputic...then you get to find new areas to hide them for people to find!! Some areas do this with Rocks....on Sanibel they do it with Shells...of course!

Hopefully I have more adventures to post while we're here....

Stay Tuned and Stay Safe!
::Shelllady Hugs::