Thursday, October 26, 2017

Windy, Cool days in Florida!

The last couple of days have been a little chilly for Florida, Fall is definitely here. I went out to the beach yesterday in long sleeves because it was 62, ....I know, not cold for up north, but chilly here!!

Crazy windy too, it pushed the water out, but I found very little.

I did find another Baby's ear though!
I saw lots of broken Angel Wings
and spotted this Alphabet Cone....
It was pretty rough, so I left him for someone else.  

Today it was much cooler, 54 degrees, that's sweatshirt weather for me! So on went the sweatshirt and I headed for the beach, there was less wind, today, but the water looked awful....root beer colored everywhere!

I found an area up on the beach where there were lots of minis, so I just sat down in the sand and took my time to look. Usually I head down the beach and look for something else, this time I just settled in and started looking.... here's a look for you too...
 Did you see the wentletrap in the center?

I scooted down a few inches and looked here....
See the 3 Wentletraps in the center?
I kept on looking, slowly moving down the beach...another Wentletrap and a small Baby's ear...
Then I found this tiny guy, another Baby's Ear, so tiny and perfect. I put it on my finger for a pic, and just after this (not so good pic), the wind caught it and blew it away....I never found it! :(  so sad!
After a while, my minis ran out so I headed up the beach... found all of these together stuck in the sand...a Banded Tulip, Juvenile Fighting Conch, Small Pear Whelk and a nice Shark's eye.
 Also this true Tulip and nice pointed Fighting Conch...
 ...and an ALMOST Flat Scallop
 I found this odd shaped Pear Whelk and Kings Crown covered up in the sand also
 The minis were the highlight for me they all are...added a few more Wentletraps to my collection!
...and here is another Tiny Baby's Ear (next to the dime) to show how small it is!

Stay tuned!

<<Shelllady Hugs>>

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Good Mini Day!

We are back home in Ft. Myers! We got here just in time for me to go to my Shellcrafters on Monday. Have I ever mentioned how much we enjoy it here?  The tides aren't real low here, but I decided to head to the lighthouse today for some much needed Beach Therapy. Pretty quickly I noticed that there were lots of shells washed up high on the beach, I first spotted these guys...
see the red circles?
Those are Baby's Ears! They are not readily found....and I ended up with 7 of them!

That right there is what I would call a good day!...
Then I started noticing minis....all over the place, in the water, along the edge of the water and up on the beach...

I kinda wished I had tweezers, there were so many tiny guys, click on the picture to enlarge it and so some cybershelling!

I also found lots of these transparent shells....the picture makes them look sort of Milky, but they are perfectly clear. I have never seen them before. This is definitely going to require a search in my books!

Eyes and Ears.....and a Gaudy Nautica
I came home with my pill bottle full of minis.....another reason to call it a good day...
and 61 Wentletraps of all sizes...
And a nice colorful Rice Olive...I've never seen one like this!
I did find 2 Alphabet cones, both were misses :( Broken and Worn.
The water was a lot greener at the lighthouse today, but you could see the line out a bit where the 'root beer' colored water was lurking....see the line of dark? It's so sad to see, hopefully they will stop soon, and we will get back our beautiful blue-green water.

Stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::