Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Catching up and a FUN day!!

I know, I know! I have been very lax in keeping you up to date as to what has been going for 3 weeks! We are still in our paradise in Fort Myers Florida. I'm learning what being retired is and doing most of the things I enjoy! How about that?! I think I will need more practice, so we will be staying a little longer. Today was the funnest day I have had in a very long time, but let me just post some pictures for a brief update....

The sunrises are still so beautiful....

Moon rises are pretty special too!

of course I have to post a pic of our iconic Sanibel Lighthouse....I suspect it will soon be dressed for Christmas if it hasn't already happened since I was there last...a couple days ago.

Liz is back in town from Oregon and we have been out shelling a couple times and Liz, Jolene and I have been shelling together and to breakfast! We are making plans for adventures when I get back after should be a lot of fun! The shelling has been 'ok', but it's always an adventure just seeing stuff even if we don't fill our shell bags every time!

Like this Calico Crab...

These beautiful Sea Stars

This Cormorant decided to strike a pose for me during a morning walk....

I have found a few of my this amazing Horse Conch...perfect size, perfect color...don't worry, the brown stuff will soak off in bleach water...

and it will look like this!!! Fall colors of Florida!! :) (That's it on the left)

I've found a few other treasures...

The most recent highlight for me was this perfect little Lions Paw (center of the picture)!!! These are very rare in these parts, and it was my first find of the day! A Great way to start out the morning!!

I've been painting a lot, both shells to put out around the island....

and crafts for sale at Sanibel Shellcrafters....they've come up with all sorts of projects for me to work on for an upcoming Craft show! .....

Ornaments out of Sand dollars...

Ornaments on Huge Scallops....

Painting on Big Lightning Whelks...(all of these have sold already but one!)

Little crabs completely out of shells!...

See all the fun I've been having?? It has all been such fun!

Then there was shelling today it was the chilliest day so far, a bit windy, but the RIGHT wind to bring in shells. Believe me, this shelling business is a science, you have to take into account the wind direction, speed, tides....everything!....Jolene was supposed to meet me, but had to cancel due to an emergency at her I just moseyed down the beach bundled up like I was up north...

this was my first couple of finds....

I'd say it already is a great day....wouldn't you?? I'm starting to see little pockets of shells as the water clears up and the tide is moving out....and I find this guy!!!!! A nice big Lightning Whelk...just in need of a little cleanup!

Get out of the water, put it in a bag in my back pack, get right back in and low and behold I find this guy!!! A HUGE Horse Conch!!

By this time I'm really excited....I was out there laughing out loud by myself....How cool is this?? About 5 minutes later, I find this one! ANOTHER big Lightning Whelk!!

Beautiful White on the inside!!! Then I started finding Cones, Sharks eyes, Big and Small, even a tiny little Wentletrap!! I was much too busy to be taking any more pictures. All of a sudden 2 hours went by.....just like that!! The tide started back in and I suddenly realized I was wet and cold and my backpack was Soooo heavy!!! What an awesome problem to have....right?? So here is the result of my 2 hour beach walk this morning!

to include 6 Alphabet Cones....which is awesome!! Jolene has been the Cone Whisperer lately so I had to step in for her!! ;)

I will continue to learn what retirement is, being spoiled and spending quality time with my Hubby, and of course beach walking and Crafting. 

You all have a Wonderful Thanksgiving, appreciate each other's company to the fullest and appreciate each other! I will do better to keep you posted!!

Stay Tuned!!

::Shelllady Hugs::



  1. Wonderful blog ! Wish I was there in the beach walking with you shell whispered 🥰🐚😎🌴

  2. Beautiful photos and great blog as always. Wish me luck tomorrow and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jimmy! Retirement is such work! LOL!

  4. Holy moly you have had some great shell luck! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Your painted stuff is amazing. You are very talented!!

    1. Thanks Kim....It has become my therapy....especially when I can't get Beach Therapy!! :)